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Stay Classy, Staten Island

We had a bit of a work outing last night, taking in a game at the Ballpark at St. George on Staten Island. The Yankees’ independent single-A affiliate, cleverly called the Staten Island Yankees, play there. And I do love a minor league baseball game. Local news (NY1!) has occasional reports of the rising obesity [...]

Some Might Call It “Working”

On the occasions that I’ve found myself seeking employment, my college-educated, bourgeois* self gravitates to white-collar jobs that require writing in some form. Copywriting is close enough for my job needs, and I almost always settle for that. In their job listings, these positions usually call for a willingness to work under deadlines, the ability [...]

One Hundred. You Heard Me: One Hundred.

So at my job back in August, one colleague said something about her boyfriend doing the hundred push-ups challenge. Six weeks to a hundred push-ups. We appreciate quick opportunities to blow off steam at my job, and it’s a genial atmosphere full of hard work and laughter. It’s a pretty good job. So most of [...]

Origami. The Answer Is Always Origami.

Trolling other people’s messaging boards is not usually something I do or recommend, but this conversation offers valuable information for us all to live by. I’ve edited the material down and, of course, removed the names to protect those unaware I was looking in. (Based on their experience, which you will read below, it would [...]

Just For Men Gone Wrong

This morning at my place of work, I saw a well-dressed man with a cane walking down the hallway. Under his hat, little tufts of gray hair were poking out. He had a pencil thin mustache that was jet black. Jarringly so. This is a man who really trusts Keith Hernandez, Walt Frazier, and Emmett [...]

Grr… Health Care Industry… Grr…

I’m a fortunate American with health insurance. One of the benefits of my job is that my employer kicks in to the kitty for a health plan for the lot of us. I’m very pleased with my doctor and have no complaints about my care. It’s also expensive. Even with the employer contribution, the missus [...]

I Remember This: It’s Called Cold

Oh, yes, B&E; readers, New York City has had its first really cold day, and I don’t mind telling you that I like it. Well, I like it other than the fact that it was also 54-degrees at my job today. (In case I need to clarify, we do actually work inside.) It’s sort of [...]


Here I am at work, plugging away on one of my tougher assignments, iPod earbuds oozing out the somberly poppy and Norwegian sounds of Sondre Lerche’s Faces Down album, and when I look up from my computer, every single one of my colleagues has gone. I’m here totally alone. That shit will freak you out [...]