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Mayor, Just Hug a Hoodie

It was a big news week, and I let a lot of things fly by again. Because that seems to be what I do well here on B&E lately: Let others do the commentary on events. Just over a year ago, I wrote a “Fuck You — For the Cure” post about Susan G. Komen [...]

Munch on Glen Coe

Working off-site has its hurdles, but the commute sure can be worth it:

Writers Always Have the Keen Eye

Although our President was careful not to say, “Mission accomplished” or any other such nonsense with regard to the end of combat in Iraq, he did still say, “the end of combat in Iraq,” which is a bit problematic. After all, we do still have soldiers there, and they are still getting shot at and [...]

Men Are Predictable. And Transparent.

Earlier today, as I was returning from getting my and my colleagues’ afternoon coffee, I found myself standing in our building’s lobby with four other dudes and one leggy blond. Our building is home to a few offices that host casting calls for models every so often, so we see the occasional six-foot, gorgeous alien [...]

Hey, Nice Transport

Hey, now. This is a perfectly acceptable thing that the Mets have done. No, not the winning streaks at home followed immediately by losing streaks on the road. I’m talking about the boat ride to New Shea! It leaves from Pier 11 (Wall Street) before every Mets game about an hour and a half before [...]

So Not Cool, Dumbo

Look, New York City. I was close to the Towers when the planes hit. It made a pretty loud boom and shook the building a little. Those of us that live here understand perfectly well what it is to live on a bull’s-eye. So I would appreciate it, Brooklyn, if you’d ease up on the [...]

Germans Aren’t Famous For Humor

At my job, as much as we work in electronic media, we still get the occasional call to print some shit on paper. And for those jobs, we hire printing vendors. Some might call them printers. Before we use a new printer, we like to check out their samples, you know, to make sure they [...]


Happy National Punctuation Day, B&E; readers! (You even get an exclamation point for that one.) To honor this important day, and as long as we’re talking about exclamation points, I quote from the Eats, Shoots, and Leaves daily tear-off calendar. Believe it or not, there is someone at my office who’s even geekier than I [...]

The Condescension of Soundbites

Some of you may have heard that the President gave a speech to Congress and that a major Dickhead shouted, “You LIE!” in the middle of it. Yeah, I heard that, too. But I didn’t see it because I was at a play that people in the New York City area should go see. It’s [...]

Where’d All the Hotties Come From?

Yesterday, the AC at my office blew out, so today I worked from home. The AC was fixed by 9:30 AM. I didn’t see that coming. But because I was working from home, I did what people who work from home are rumored to do: I worked from Starbucks for a little while. Yes, Sunnyside [...]