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Men Are Predictable. And Transparent.

Earlier today, as I was returning from getting my and my colleagues’ afternoon coffee, I found myself standing in our building’s lobby with four other dudes and one leggy blond. Our building is home to a few offices that host casting calls for models every so often, so we see the occasional six-foot, gorgeous alien [...]

I Got My Eyes Dilated

I hate it when my contact lens order gets rejected by my optometrist because the prescription is more than a year old. I know my eyes well enough to know that everything is in working order, dammit. So it was that time of year again, and because the first eye doctor I went to in [...]

It’s So Obvious!

Look, Jillian, I totally know why you’ve chosen Ed. It’s so obvious. After all, he rejected you not once but twice! And how often do you get to choose the guy who doesn’t even like you. First, you give Ed a rose, which he accepts before leaving the show for his job (i.e. “You’ll always [...]

I Got My Eyes Checked Today

Spring is in the air, B&E; readers. It is May, after all. A few weeks ago I got that note on the Brooklyn Bridge (you better believe that I revisit that experience any time my ego needs a boost and tell every single person I’ve ever met), and I think my eye doctor was flirting [...]

I Still Got It, Baby!

I’ve been at my current job for about two-and-a-half years now. I figured out early on that commuting via the Brooklyn Bridge was a Very Good Thing To Do, even if it took an extra fifteen minutes each way. It’s a walk that keeps on giving, B&E; readers. I’m a people-watcher. New York is a [...]

Fuck the Mothers

I should really not watch presidential debates. They make my blood pressure spike. Bob Schieffer did his job well in getting them to engage with each other, which only made me more tense. John McCain seethed with rage, well, pretty much the entire time. But there was one astounding moment: when McCain mocked the health-of-the-mother [...]