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Waiting and Washing for Irene

Like so many New Yorkers, the missus and I are preparing for this Hurricane Irene lady that’s about 12 hours from pissing down on the city we call home. Apparently, for most of us, that means a trip to the laundromat. Holy CRAP is that place packed!

Apparently, We Got Some Snow

Yes, I know I haven’t written much lately, B&E readers. But I still think about you a lot. And I hope we can still be friends. Hey, did you hear that New York City got some snow? After the missus and my experience as refugees in Scotland, I joked that Scotland could really use a [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – Refugees

We really had an ambitious travel schedule planned out for the trip. In addition to the wedding, we were stopping in on the missus’ father in the Highlands twice “en route.” The second visit, ostensibly on our way back home, the missus planned a 70th birthday celebration performance afternoon. She played some Bach on her [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – First Sign of Trouble

The wedding was being held at Glengorm Castle, which is a “castle” built in the 1850s. The Glengorm estate dominates the northern tip of the Isle of Mull, and on clear days you can see the Isle of Skye. It’s a goddamned gorgeous place. We made our way to the estate, relatively uneventfully until we [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – Early Snow

In general, this time of year, one can rely on Scotland to be above freezing, but cool and quite wet. Higher ground might have a dusting of snow. If we were lucky, we’d get some sun. So my original plan had been to take a fleecy-type thing along with a rain coat. Then we got [...]