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Report From Vermont

vtexpos Originally uploaded by dangunderman. A decades-old moniker gets its final hurrah, when the mighty Expos of Vermont play their last game of the season this evening. Like most teams called Expos, the Class A independent league affiliate finds itself at the bottom of the standings, but firmly entrenched in the hearts of Green Mountaineers [...]

Guilford Country Fair

basset Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Vermont has mastered the art of the country fair. If you need proof, make sure you’re in Guilford next Labor Day weekend. I attended today in the hopes of witnessing the annual ox pull competition. But alas, the ox pull happened on Day 1 of the fair. So instead I [...]

Vermont’s State Bird

mosquito Originally uploaded by dangunderman. I’ve returned from Vermont all chomped up by mosquitos. I have reason to believe they’re breeding a killer super-mosquito in New England, as these guys really seem to know what they’re doing. I have the usual bites on my arms and legs, but there were a few mosquitos going for [...]

I Like Your Boots

L-Word Originally uploaded by dangunderman. I came up to Vermont today to help get “the farm” ready for its artist residency season, and this evening, I watched an episode of The L-Word with the organization’s director, another straight man. One character’s storyline essentially consisted of her complimenting a love/sex interest’s boots, first from afar and [...]