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Yeah, I Like a Good Investment in Infrastructure

I’ve written in the past about how I think infrastructure is sexy. As a fan of the New Deal, I love the idea of the government investing in public works and public goods and public arts. This, apparently, makes me a Socialist. A few years ago, I’d have probably just been called a Democrat. Because [...]

How Fucking Awesome Is Vermont?

Today, Vermont legalized gay marriage. It’s a little hard to believe that the Socialist Republic of Vermont was actually behind Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa (Iowa??) when it comes to equal rights for the LGBT crowd, but there’s an important difference between Vermont and those other states. Vermont’s legislative branch made it happen. In all the [...]

Bernie Wins a Small Victory.

Bernie Sanders, Independent (Socialist-In-All-But-Name) Senator of Vermont, has been a long-time favorite here at B&E;, ever since (OK, even before) he showed up at an event hosted by my nonprofit employer at the time and ate a piece of cake (pictured right!). Almost-Outta-There-President Bush has had his portrait done for the National Portrait Gallery in [...]

Vermont Keeps Things Interesting

Political seasons in the Green Mountain State are always worth keeping an eye on. After all, in just the past few years, the state elected a Socialist to the U.S. Senate, and several towns voted to arrest Bush and Cheney for crimes against the Constitution. Well, in Vermont’s most recent election season, the Progressive Party’s [...]

The Good News from Wednesday

So Tuesday evening (or Wednesday morning) was obviously disappointing for Obama supporters and anyone who’s just downright tired of this never-ending primary. What was lost in the predictable, “Hillary’s back from the dead!” headlines (the press has a pretty funny definition of “dead”), was the news of out southeastern Vermont: Vermont towns vote to arrest [...]

Another Reason Vermont Rules

bernie Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Some of you may remember May of 2001, when Vermont Senator James Jeffords defected from the Republican Party. No, he did not become a Democrat. He became an Independent. But he voted with Democrats, and for eighteen short (and feckless) months, the Democrats held onto the majority in the Senate, [...]

I Worked One Hell of a Walk

ball gear Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Unfortunately, that was my personal highlight of a weekend of baseball (which admittedly was a highlight in and of itself), and a weekend in which up was down, left was right, and back was pain. When I heard we had make-up games scheduled on Saturday and Sunday this week, [...]

A Very Special Shout-Out

cotton Originally uploaded by dangunderman. I’d like to give props to the missus, who, as of today, has officially survived two years of marriage with me. For the cotton anniversary, she gave me the hankies pictured and embroidered a special message just for me. The missus won’t actually see this here posting for another week, [...]

Might Be Spotty

pretty farm Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Dear B&E; Readers, I’m currently at Hall Farm, conveniently pictured for your enjoyment. Although rather than looking like the picture, it’s raining like a banshee (yes, banshees rain), and the place is in utter chaos. You see, it’s less than a week before their artist residency season begins, so [...]

Report From Vermont

sterling_weed Originally uploaded by dangunderman. The Green Mountain State mourns the passing of the oldest (formerly) living band leader, Sterling Weed, who died this past Sunday at his home in St. Albans. A spry 104, Sterling gave Strom Thurmond the proverbial finger not only by out-living the old racist coot, but by staying just as [...]