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Donald Trump: Wrong

I’m a bit late on this one, and I’m not even talking about Donald Trump in the context of his supposed run for the Presidency. No, I’m even later. I happened upon an old clip of “Celebrity Apprentice,” in which The Donald attempts to get Cyndi Lauper to tell him who she thinks he should [...]

Maybe I Hope It’s a Hit

When I first saw that the ratings for Sarah Palin’s Alaska were the highest ever for any show on TLC, I was like, “Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Then I was like, “But of course, we are talking TLC.” A left-leaning colleague at my job watched it. She watched the whole thing. She was totally seduced [...]

Casting: Three Feckless Weenies

This is totally one of those stories that the Democrats will try to exploit but that most people probably won’t even notice and/or care about. Still, it’s kind of funny. And for the political junkies, I suppose it’s been the story of the day. In short, for an ad in the West Virginia campaign for [...]

I Hate a Show I’ve Never Seen

The subway ads for a new show called something like “My Generation” make it seem really terrible. Apparently, I’m supposed to be compelled by/feel sorry for young, hot people in their twenties, who are struggling in the way only young, hot people can struggle, and who are full of regret in the way that only [...]

Accents Have to Make Sense

I have a love/hate relationship with the TV show 24. I keep giving it another chance, and it keeps letting me down. But hey, this season’s in New York! So I’ve gotta see what that’s all about. But let me just say a word or two about accents as a dramatic choice. I’m sure most [...]

Don! Roger! Betts! Joan! Campbell! Peggy!

This latest absence from B&E; brought to you by Mad Men, Season 3. Holy crap, B&E; readers. Holy crap.

Leno in Prime Time

The late-night shows are past my bedtime, and the few times I actually find myself awake with the TV on during those late-night hours, I gravitate toward David Letterman. But now Jay Leno is on during prime time hours. So while I was brushing my teeth last night, he came on the tube, and I [...]

It’s So Obvious!

Look, Jillian, I totally know why you’ve chosen Ed. It’s so obvious. After all, he rejected you not once but twice! And how often do you get to choose the guy who doesn’t even like you. First, you give Ed a rose, which he accepts before leaving the show for his job (i.e. “You’ll always [...]

Forty Years

It was 40 years ago that people first walked on the moon. Yes, I remember it well… My mother was pregnant with my older sister, and it was a world of infinite possibility.

Live Blog – The Bachelor – After the Rose Ceremony!

I finished up this week’s episode of 24 and turned over to The Bachelor. In my defense, the missus was coming home and asked me to. In the finale, Jason chose Melissa, and then came out for the post-finale and told the host that he wanted to dump her and get reacquainted with the woman [...]