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If I Had a Child, He or She Would Be Named Elizabeth Warren

I can’t express the admiration I have for the woman some call Professor Warren (as some sort of weird insult). If you want just one example of why, watch the clip in this link, a video that’s really made the rounds today. She takes apart the “class warfare” thing way better than anyone else I’ve [...]

Class War? Blow It Out Your Ass, Whore!

I just want to state for the record (if I haven’t already) that when Republicans use the phrase “class war,” I get deeply annoyed. You see, if a Democrat (or other non-partisan) suggests that there’s deep income inequality in our country, that there are perhaps policy changes that could help those less well off, specifically [...]

It’s Not a Drink. It’s a Treat.

Okay, so this will probably be the last time I mention the proposed tax on sugary drinks. (Here’s the first time.) Why the last time? Well, first of all, it’s not going to happen here in New York, which makes me mad. Like so many states, New York has a budget crisis and needs cash. [...]

Disingenuous Much?

There’s a new tax on the table for consideration in New York – a tax on sugary soft drinks. You know, the ones that are all really, really bad for you and are, probably more than anything, responsible for the obesity epidemic in America. Like all states, New York’s got a budget crisis. And let’s [...]

Follow Up From a Busy Week

It was another one of those weeks, B&E; readers, when I got a tad busy, and many things went through my notice without comment. In most cases, people with more time (and, let’s face it, more talent) have made more insightful comments in better prose stylings than I probably would have even if I’d had [...]