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Let’s Not Overstate the Case

Like most Americans, particularly the non-communist ones, I watched the Super Bowl last night. I’ve fallen out of love with football (of the American sort) in recent years. Mostly, I just don’t want to spend that much time watching sports. And as my six readers well know, I’m a baseball man. Still, I have to [...]

Kohlschreiber’s Got a Bit of a Muffin Top

The missus and I made our annual trek out to the U.S. Open Tennis Extravaganza yesterday. As is our usual custom, we got out there early, and as soon as the gates open, we ran to the front row in the Grandstand. Or, rather, I should say that the missus ran to the front row [...]

Dude, You’re Totally Hot

Hello, hello, B&E; readers! It’s that time of year again! That’s right! It’s the US Open Tennis in Flushing Meadows Corona Park! And we all know what that means! Regular 7 train passengers can smell the fear emanating off the rich preppies who decided to slum it with the locals! Alas, there are still the [...]


The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. For the people of Braddock, Pennsylvania, I don’t know if it’ll do much besides raise their spirits. It’s not as if the New York Times needs particular plugging, but this story on Braddock (along with the multimedia feature, which I also recommend) is fascinating and outstanding. Braddock is [...]

Reason #89 to Avoid Nightclubs

I never go to nightclubs in New York City. I have many reasons for avoiding them. A few at the top include the following: – I don’t much care for dancing.- I tend to dislike crowds.- I’m just not that into ecstasy and crystal meth. There are other, smaller reasons as well: – The bouncer [...]

Maybe I’ll Give the Phillies a Pass This Round

It’s my duty as a Mets fan to root against the Philadelphia Phillies. Hence, my support for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. But over the weekend, Philly’s hockey fans really came through in a big way. Sarah Palin was pallin’ around with the Philadelphia Flyers management and dropped the ceremonial [...]

Roger That

Roger Federer beat Andy Murray soundly in the U.S. Open final. The Great Scottish Hope will return, people. Fear not.

Scotland in the Finals!

The missus and I (and the missus’ father) are very excited about the official arrival of Andy Murray to the international tennis stage. Yesterday, he completed a shocking upset over #1 seed Rafael Nadal at the U.S. Open to go to the first Grand Slam Final of his young career. Now, followers of tennis have [...]

A Tennis Interlude

We interrupt the politically-dominated B&E; coverage for a report on Preppies in Queens, or as some like to call it, the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Early in the week, I knew the tournament had started, for I came face-to-face with that elusive pairing one just doesn’t see on the #7 train at any other time [...]

Roger Clark Is Having a Heart Attack! On Live TV!

There’s some sort of beach volleyball tournament happening in Coney Island this weekend, and Roger Clark of NY1 is covering the story. He’s bumping, setting, and “spiking” with a couple of Olympic beach volleyballers (beach volleyball is an Olympic sport, but softball isn’t anymore?), while giving his report. He can’t speak. He’s out of breath. [...]