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Archive of posts tagged social media

Some Self-flagellating Thoughts

I know. I’ve been remiss. Lax. Not writing. Well, the truth is I am writing. In fact, I’m writing a lot. All day most days. I guess that’s the perils of having a “creative” job. I put creative in quotes because I’m still rather judgmental about marketing and communications. I’ve been known to say that [...]

My Weiner Prediction

Like everyone, I’ve probably seen more than enough of Anthony Weiner’s pectoral muscles, not to mention his bulging boxer briefs. While Republicans crow that he’s finished and Democrats fecklessly struggle over how best to respond, with most political insiders (whoever they fuck they are) saying that Weiner won’t recover, I have my own prediction: Anthony [...]

Not Just a Smartass

Perhaps you’re already a follower, but a couple of days ago, the genius behind the Twitter feed BPGlobalPR sent out a press release. A serious one. Turns out he (or she, I suppose, although the signature on the release includes “aka a guy in his boxer shorts”) is not just a smartass. The whole thing [...]

Is Twitter Winning Me Over?

Social media isn’t going away. I had to join Facebook for work, and because of what we do around the office, I’ve been aware of Twitter for a few years, even if I don’t actually participate. Technically I do, I suppose, in that I have an account, etc., but I haven’t tweeted once. The thing [...]

Don’t Fuck With Robin Hood, Sheriff of Bankerham

Yesterday, a friend in the UK posted a link to her Facebook page for a project she’s involved with: The Robin Hood Tax. Go check it out. There’s a nice little video featuring Bill Nighy as a douchey banker trying to explain why this tax is a bad idea. (It’s not a bad idea, by [...]

Heather Must’ve Made that Nasty Potato

Hey, B&E; readers! I’ve insulted a Scot! And it wasn’t even the missus! Heather didn’t much care for my review of the bad Scottish cuisine from our trip last May. And apparently she didn’t stick around long enough to read my raves about the better food. Alas, she seemed particularly irritated at my attitude toward [...]

Wonder Who Administers His Page

So I do a bit of dabbling in the social media. Just dabbling. I admit that I’ve been won over by the charm of Facebook, or at least the charm of some of the people with whom I’ve reconnected on Facebook. This whole “fan” thing has me a little confused. I actually had to join [...]