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I Really Need to Savor My Food

A couple of weekends ago, the missus got inspired to make a delicious shrimp salad. I’m not sure exactly where she got the recipe, but it was sort of a egg salad/shrimp salad concoction with Tabasco and other deliciousness. This past weekend, while in the Berkshires (Lah-di-DAH, B&E readers! Lah! Di! Dah!), our generous host [...]

Is Twitter Winning Me Over?

Social media isn’t going away. I had to join Facebook for work, and because of what we do around the office, I’ve been aware of Twitter for a few years, even if I don’t actually participate. Technically I do, I suppose, in that I have an account, etc., but I haven’t tweeted once. The thing [...]

Your Job Should be the Least of Your Concerns

You’ve probably heard by now that we’ve got an oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to stellar work by British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and Blackwater. Okay, so I totally made up that bit about Blackwater (now Xe), but doesn’t it seem like they should be a part of this motley crew? Replace Blackwater [...]

Shocking! Simply Shocking! Pass the Chips.

Once (probably more than once, actually) I called New York politics stupid. Another time, I called New York State Senator Martin Espada a Dickhead. See, when I do that, Google Alerts informs some intern in Martin Espada’s office that a ranty blogger with six readers is calling Martin names again. No one really cares. Today’s [...]

That Shit Was Already Expensive

So this New York councilman has been indicted on corruption charges, and one little detail is getting a lot of attention. Bronx councilman Larry Seabrook apparently doctored a receipt for a bagel and soda, so that instead of the original $7, it cost $177. I’ve bought my share of bagels over the years, and I [...]

Greed in Privatization? No Way!

I’ve been meaning to get to this little story since last week because it’s really grossly offensive. The short of it: A couple of judges pleaded guilty to taking millions of dollars in kickbacks from privately run juvenile detention centers in Pennsylvania. In other words, they threw kids in prison for cash. Well done, justices, [...]

A Cuff? He’s Only Got a Cuff?!

So this whole Bernard Madoff (pronounced “made off” much to the pleasure of the 24-hour news networks, which have taken us through enough “Madoff with billions” jokes to last a lifetime) story is old, and my comments are late. What are you gonna do? I’m busy. It’s a Ponzi Scheme! I had to look up [...]

Dickhead of This Moment – Rod Blagojevich

Right, so it’s not exactly a weekly feature anymore, but I think Governor Rod Blagojevich has proven himself to be quite a Dickhead, has he hot? Yesterday, the Illinois governor was arrested because he was looking to sell President-Elect’s Senate seat for some cold, hard cash (like the literally cold, hard cash found in William [...]

For the Birds

If I had more time, I’d go into detail about the hypocrisy of President Bush’s statement to the press regarding his commuting of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence. After all, I don’t think he had much concern for the families of all those death row inmates he killed while governor of Texas. Instead I’ll just point [...]

Lewis “Shitbird” Libby

That’s right, B&E; readers! No longer just “Scooter,” Dick(head) Cheney’s former Chief of Staff was sentenced to 30 months in prison! Judge and jury didn’t buy his “bad memory” defense even though he put it on sale for cheap cheap cheap. See you in two-and-a-half years. Two-and-a-half years or a presidential pardon: whichever happens first. [...]