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My Thanksgiving Vacation – Show Penis or Get Groped?

The missus and I went to Scotland for a wedding on the Isle of Mull over the Thanksgiving break. In the days leading up to our trip, getting through airport security was on my mind a lot. New York had instituted the new body scanners, and the choices were thus: appear essentially naked to a [...]

Sponsorship Message

The recent B&E hiatus was initially brought to you by Scotland, but is now being underwritten by the flu. I hope to be back here with you soon. Your ticket price may buy you the whole seat, but you’ll only need… THE EDGE!

That’s a Strike Against the United Kingdom

Look, I root for a team represented by a gentleman with a giant baseball for a head, so I’m no stranger to fucked up mascots. But the London Olympic Committee have really outdone themselves. Behold! Wenlock and Mandeville! Lord Sebastian Coe, former Olympian and Chairman of the London organising committee, sure does get the best [...]

They All Lost, Especially Scotland

Naturally, the missus and I have been following the British election results as closely as we can, with as much understanding as we can, which in my case isn’t much. From what I can gather… All three major parties (the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats) lost. The minor parties lost too, although they weren’t expected to [...]

Out Crazying The Crazy

A while back, I’d wanted to draw my six readers’ attention to a creative counter protest in San Francisco in response to perennial protester Fred Phelps. But then time went by, and you know how these things work. But hey now! It’s relevant again! So here I go! For those who may not remember Fred [...]

Keep Warm, In-Laws

This post from Titivil led me to this picture from Boing-Boing. If that doesn’t make you say some semblance of “Holy shit!” I don’t know what will. Chilly and wet the Scots are used to. Arctic, not so much. We’re talking lows in the zero-degrees Fahrenheit realm. And most of the buildings are old and [...]

Heather Must’ve Made that Nasty Potato

Hey, B&E; readers! I’ve insulted a Scot! And it wasn’t even the missus! Heather didn’t much care for my review of the bad Scottish cuisine from our trip last May. And apparently she didn’t stick around long enough to read my raves about the better food. Alas, she seemed particularly irritated at my attitude toward [...]

The Controversy of Compassion

A very interesting and controversial thing happened in Scotland last week. Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s Justice Minister, released, on grounds of compassion, the convicted bomber of the PanAm flight that blew up over Lockerbie in 1988, killing 270 people. The convicted bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, has prostrate cancer and, according to British doctors, has about three [...]

My Late Spring Vacation – Better Food

In fairness to Scotland, I shouldn’t let my last food post be the only real statement about the culinary arts in the country. We did eat some delicious food, too. I mean, come on, look at this gorgeous classic of British cuisine… Not just fish & chips, but fish, chips, & peas! And let’s face [...]

My Late Spring Vacation – Nasty Food

I’ve already shown some of the masterpieces of our culinary experience in Scotland, specifically the haggis and the Taste of Mull Platter for Two. What’s generally terrific about the food in Scotland is that it’s legendarily crappy. So when you have a good meal (or even more rarely a healthy meal), it’s a genuine surprise, [...]