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Casting: Three Feckless Weenies

This is totally one of those stories that the Democrats will try to exploit but that most people probably won’t even notice and/or care about. Still, it’s kind of funny. And for the political junkies, I suppose it’s been the story of the day. In short, for an ad in the West Virginia campaign for [...]

I Heard a Rumor About Health Care Reform

Apparently, Congress passed health care reform last night. Republicans announce the end of freedom and liberty, and Democrats celebrate their self-importance and ability to nearly blow it completely. Okay, so maybe I’m cynical. Yes, this reform is better than nothing, I suppose. Probably. I can talk myself out of that better-than-nothing argument for a while, [...]

Grand Old Black People!

I’m not going to link to the Republican National Committee’s website, but if you want a bit of a treat, check it out. I recommend just clicking and re-clicking on “home.” Watch the “GOP faces” change. I clicked a number of times, and I got one white dude, one white dudette, and about a dozen [...]

Feckless Weenies and Tango!

A bunch of things cropped up this week that I let go without comment due to busy-ness. I shall touch on a few of them now, ever so briefly. I’m sure it’ll surprise the small number of readers I have that I’m a fan of Medicare For All or a single-payer health system or whatever [...]

I’m Paying a Lot for Health Insurance, but I’m Not Buying Your Shit

Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a debate about health care reform going on. I mean, technically, it’s not really a debate. There’s a proposal on the table, and a well-funded, very loud opposition is saying no. Earlier this week, I got an email from President Bill Clinton (which gosh, I guess he wrote in his [...]

It’s the Ears and Beady Eyes

Recently, I’ve been reminded of Truman. Not the president. The Truman I’m thinking about was a developmentally delayed kid at my grade school in Texas. When I was seven, he looked about 20, but he was probably really only 12. For reasons I’m not sure, everyone knew all the names of the kids in special [...]

Hey, As Long As You Don’t Hurt Anyone

This Middle-Name-Joe The Not-Even-a-Licensed Plumber doesn’t seem to go away, and I gotta say, the media on the left is even more fascinated by this tool than the right. Christ! Look at me! I’m wasting valuable space on the Dickhead, too. I guess we can file him under the “bald” part of B&E.; But let’s [...]

This Will Backfire

The Obama Stimulus Package passed in the House yesterday, but not one Republican voted for it, this after all of Obama’s outreach and meetings and compromises and happy hours. I got the news of its passage during an event hosted by The Nation and Air America media about the progressive movement’s role in an Obama [...]

Fun with Online Polls

NOW is a program of investigative journalism and probing interviews on PBS. For a lot of years, it was Bill Moyers’ baby. I guess you would say it leans to the left politically, except that I’m not sure why accurate, in-depth journalism should be considered left-leaning. Anyway, NOW is doing this poll, asking viewers if [...]

Republican Convention Watch 2008 – Day 4 – John McCain

I’m not watching. I couldn’t take anymore. I gotta watch my blood pressure. But in the spirit of the last two weeks… John McCain spoke. He was wrong.