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The Undecideds

This idea that there are people that fall somewhere between Romney and Obama who haven’t decided who they’re voting for I think is a myth. There are about as many of them as there are readers of B&E these days. It’s far more likely that this high number of “undecideds” in various polls are actually [...]

It’s Hard Being Loathsome

Back in 2008, during the Republican primary, I was expressing my keen dislike for Rudy Giuliani, and a friend who’d lived in Boston for a while said, “Well, wait until you get to know Mitt Romney.” Mitt never really had his breakthrough moment in 2008, thanks to his amazing ability to finish 2nd in just [...]


It’s common knowledge to the five of you who still read this blog that I’m no fan of Rick Santorum. If you’re curious, you can do a quick search for “Santorum” in the search box to see some of the results. Or click on the Dickhead tag. You’ll find him eventually. Or Google “Santorum” because [...]

Um… Um… Oops.

No, I didn’t watch the latest in seemingly thousands of Republican primary debates. I have, however, watched the clip of Rick Perry blanking on the third agency he’d cut from his government. Political media (especially on the left, which is the media I tend to consume) has declared it to be a devastating moment for [...]

What Happens if Mitt Blows It, Too?

We are seeing some serious self-destruction in this Republican primary. To be fair, this isn’t true so much from those candidates that can’t seem to get anything real going from the start. (I’m looking at your utter lack of charisma, Pawlenty; your employment by the Obama administration, Huntsman; your insider has-been status, Gingrich; your lovemaking [...]

Dude, Those Lutherans Are Crazy

At this point, I don’t particularly feel the need to pile onto Michelle Bachmann. My seven readers (maybe down to six, now that I’m writing less) probably already have strong opinions on her, mostly negative ones, I assume. Still… I was raised Lutheran. Non-Lutherans probably don’t realize that there is no one Lutheran Church. Lutherans [...]

Hats Off to the GOP

Ah, yes, the Republican Party gave me the biggest genuine laugh of the day. I won’t link to their website because, really, fuck them. But the GOP is running a little Valentine’s Day promotion, in which you can send your friends Valentine’s Day e-cards that mock Democrats. Most of them are, as one would expect, [...]

No One Cares, Pataki

Former New York Governor George Pataki is hinting that he might run for President. He was quite active supporting (mostly Tea Party) candidates during the midterm campaign. But if he thinks he has a genuine chance to win, he’s fucking delusional. First of all, for Republicans to get elected in New York, they still have [...]

The Problem as I See It

Sure, I’m a bit disappointed about the results of the election. But I’m also so underwhelmed by the Democratic Party, I’m neither surprised nor depressed about them. The biggest disappointment for me personally, of course, is the defeat of long-time B&E favorite Russell “Oh, So” Feingold, Senator of Wisconsin. A few weeks ago, the Nation [...]

Blind Support

What does it take for someone to lose support in these midterms anyway? The Democrat dude running for the US Senate seat in Delaware seems like a pretty reasonable guy. His opponent is not a witch, but she still seems like she’s pretty unreasonable–and I mean unreasonable as a candidate for student council, much less [...]