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Comments That Make Me Happy

I’ve had “a week,” as people say, so I haven’t focused much energy on B&E; in the past few days. I still don’t have much to say, so let me turn to people who say things in the B&E; comments section instead. For reasons probably having to do with Google, several old posts seem to [...]

Please Be Patient With Me

Ho, there, B&E; readers. I’m going through a generally uninspired patch at the moment, and when you couple that with the general busy-ness that happens after returning from a lengthy vacation, well, it means All Quiet on the B&E; Front, I’m afraid. Bear with me, and I’ll soon be returning to regularly scheduled programming.

Another Belated Comment

A semi-regular and odd occurrence takes place here at B&E;: someone finds an old post while doing some zealous Googling and then leaves a comment. I get my alert and am occasionally disappointed that the rest of my (six) readers don’t get to enjoy the brilliance therein. Yes, it’s happened again. Long-time readers may recall [...]

Please Allow For Some Narcissism

(Although, let’s face it: blogging is in general an exercise in narcissism.) It had been quite some time since I reviewed the stats around B&E;, and my kind host friend (and occasional troubleshooter) was good enough to link me to a summary. I won’t go on and on about this, but there were a few [...]

Request for Hotties!

Although I rarely reply to the comments people post here on B&E;, I do read them. And apparently, my diverse readership has equally diverse taste in hotties. “Eye Candy,” “Butch Babes,” “Asians,” “Six Toes,” “Cream Puffs,” “Beef/Cheese Cake,” and the like are all fine descriptors, but it will be very difficult for me to please [...]

Sunnyside Drugstore Update

Long-time readers will need to tolerate some exposition. Sunnyside was once home to Bloom’s, the finest pub around. It (and much of the block) burned to the ground. For years, the Bloom’s half-block was a hole in the ground. Demolition/construction workers cracked the foundation of a neighboring building. Rumors of a cursed block wafted through [...]

Some Quick Updates to B&E

I’ve been thinking of the many ways I could debunk Mitt Romney’s claims to be the savior of the economy (beginning with the failed logic that someone who knows how to become individually super-rich will also be good for the people, the masses, the country), but instead I opted for some housecleaning on this here [...]

This is Scotland Calling

It’s that time of year again, dear B&E; readers, when instead of having no excuse for not writing, I have a perfectly good one. I’m heading out of town for a few days, and I don’t expect there to be much happening here at B&E.; But hey, maybe one of my resolutions for 2008 will [...]

My Favorite Day

No, it’s not my birthday! It’s not Christmas, Easter, or Arbor Day! Today is No Pants Day! No more screwing around, B&E; readers! Take off your pants! Anything worth doing is worth doing without pants! Driving your car? Drive without pants! Taking a flight? Fly without pants! Visiting your mother? Visit without pants! For the [...]

Happy Easter!

As you tuck into your leg of lamb this evening, I hope you’ll remember the true meaning of Easter. For when the angel rolled the stone away, and Jesus presented his resurrected self to those still mourning his death, his first words were, “I’ve been to hell and back, so give me some freakin’ chocolate.” [...]