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Happy 4th of July, B&E Readers!

You are the most patriotic and handsome of all of the blog readers on all of the internets. This one’s just for you…

Some Self-flagellating Thoughts

I know. I’ve been remiss. Lax. Not writing. Well, the truth is I am writing. In fact, I’m writing a lot. All day most days. I guess that’s the perils of having a “creative” job. I put creative in quotes because I’m still rather judgmental about marketing and communications. I’ve been known to say that [...]

I Double Dog Dare You!

As long as we’re talking about Wisconsin (the home state of the dreamy Russ “Everything’s” Feingold), pay attention to Madison. And now Milwaukee. Most of my six readers are probably already aware of the current situation in the Wisconsin state capital, and, in fact, I’m thrilled to say that one of my six readers went [...]

More Excuses

Greetings, B&E readers. I’m going to have one of those months. A busy one of those months, I mean. And so I thought it fair to warn you that my postings may drop off even more than they’ve been dropping off lately. Of course, I’ve also found that when I warn my (six) readers that [...]

My Summer Vacation – A Fairy Godmother?

So a few weeks ago, I wrote this little ditty about The Nation vs. the New Yorker. In it, I stated that I missed The Nation and would resubscribe when our budget allowed. Upon our return from the Pacific Northwest, the latest issue of The Nation magazine was just lying there in our pile of [...]

Boy, That’s Some Clever Spam

Since migrating my site from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve noticed something curious, with regard to comments. As most of my six regular readers will remember, I would occasionally get anonymous comments on the Blogger B&E. Sometimes I’d reprint them and respond. I was always fond of the white people with dreadlocks who thought I was [...]

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Hello!

Good morning, B&E readers, and a very hearty welcome to the new Bald & Effective, now powered by WordPress. Blogger decided that it was using too much manpower and too many resources to warrant allowing people to publish their blogs to their own personal URLs any longer. So I was either going to have to [...]

Hold On… I’m in the Middle.

Look, B&E; readers. I’ve just been busy, okay? I’ve got a tough nut of a project that I’m working on in all of my spare time, and it’s a bit all-consuming. So you’ll have to accept my apologies. If you don’t accept my apologies, well, up yours. Also, it’s looking like I’m going to have [...]

Mordant Has an Awesome Name

It’s that time again, B&E; readers. I have recently received some terrific comments from some terrific readers, and I’m now sharing one of them with you. Some of you may recall that when the missus and I visited Sweden a few years back, I had a few thoughts about the many Swedes with their many [...]

Thank You for Your Patience

Oh, B&E; readers, I do not take you (all seven of you) for granted. I know I have been terribly lax during my time in the wilderness, especially in the past couple of weeks. But I have been thinking of you. And as I return to the land of the urban, I shall regale you [...]