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I Guess If It’s the Only Way…

Some of you may have heard that here in the United States of America we just elected our first African-American president. His name is Barack Obama. So once President Obama’s term is up after four or eight years, will we go right back to white men? How about a woman? Maybe an Asian or Latino? [...]


So I’m not really sure what to say about The Big Day tomorrow, a.k.a. Barack Obama’s Inauguration, a.k.a. Goodbye Dubya, a.k.a. History. Perhaps you’re asking, Why the hell are you writing about it? The only answer I can think of is that I have to. It’s been eight years of unmitigated disaster, the last three-plus [...]

Reading That’s Good For You

It’s been about ten days since the electorate chose Barack Obama as its next president, and during that time, there have been numerous occasions when I’ve been moved all over again at everything from the symbolism to the actuality of the meaning of an Obama Administration. One such occasion was when Amy Goodman hosted Alice [...]

A Stay With Two Hours To Go

The Troy Davis case down in Georgia is getting some national and international attention, but not nearly enough. In short, Troy Davis (an African American) was convicted of killing a (white) police officer in 1991 and sentenced to death. Since the trial, seven of the nine non-police witnesses have recanted their testimony, some claiming that [...]

Guest Post – Baldy in a Battleground – Episode 7

Barber Shops and Beauty Salons In this battleground state, barber shops and beauty salons are considered official places for canvassing. On the ground we have faith coordinators, youth coordinators, and barber shops and beauty salons coordinators. I found this to be hilarious, and asked (incredulously, I might add) if the whole barber shops and beauty [...]

Diversity Reminiscent of Offensive Jokes

Local advertisers understand that we’ve got ourselves a melting pot here in New York City, so portraying diversity in local ads proves a sensitivity to our many cultures. Or perhaps local industry just knows that they have many target audiences from which to take money. Large companies will create individual ad campaigns targeted toward the [...]

A Word or Two About Racism

(Because really, B&E; readers, why not?) With the McCain campaign implying that Obama’s uppity, with Bill Clinton’s continued denials that he’s racist, and with the popularity of a game that uses “race cards,” I figured I’d inject myself into the discussion for the six of you that like your baldness effective. At some point (probably [...]

You’re Totally Playing the Race Card on Me

At my job, we’ve started to accuse each other of playing the race card. It’s a totally fun thing to do. Other cards you might try playing at your jobs: – the gender card- the sexual orientation card- the global warming card- the bald card (a personal favorite)- the [illness-or-disability-of-choice] card- the Manny’s-now-a-Dodger card- the [...]

You’re Making It Even Harder for White People

There’s a fantastic Thai restaurant in nearby Woodside that the missus and I like to frequent from time to time. It’s called Sripraiphai, and although I may have that spelling just a little bit off, it is seriously good. In fact, a friend says a Thai man in our neighborhood called it the best Thai [...]

Bruce LeeRoy vs. Chow Yun Fatchmo!

Once upon a time, in South Africa, Chinese immigrants were known as Chinese immigrants. Then, with the establishment of apartheid in the 1940s, the Afrikaner government classified the Chinese as “colored.” In the 1970s, Taiwan established economic ties to South Africa, and Taiwanese immigrants were “honorary whites.” Because no one could tell the difference between [...]