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Blind Support

What does it take for someone to lose support in these midterms anyway? The Democrat dude running for the US Senate seat in Delaware seems like a pretty reasonable guy. His opponent is not a witch, but she still seems like she’s pretty unreasonable–and I mean unreasonable as a candidate for student council, much less [...]

Just Your Average Queens Update

I’m sure that many (out of the six of you) have been waiting for a proper Queens update for quite some time. Well, here’s a nutshell of some of the goings-on in our fair borough, with a particular focus on Sunnyside, because it is the fairest of the neighborhoods in the fairest borough in the [...]

I Was Voter #2

Hey, good times this morning at one of Sunnyside’s voting stations. More than an hour into primary day, and I was the second person to vote. I’m #2! I’m #2! I’m #2! If the volunteers at my polling station are any indication, the Asians will have a tremendous turnout. Five interpreters sat at the information [...]

My Neighborhood, Looking Fine

Because I’m not updating this with any frequency this month, please allow me to point you in the direction of this lovely time-lapse video on the Sunnyside Post. That’s my neighborhood getting a fine sunset treatment. I love Queens. I love Sunnyside. I love New York. Even though, at this very moment, I’m grumpy as [...]

They Took My Hat

On Friday night, I met up with a high school friend and went to a beer garden in Queens for another friend’s birthday celebration. The Bohemian Hall beer garden is Astoria’s classic. But it’s also been known to get a bit crowded on popular evenings, so our friend decided to try Studio Square, which is [...]

Oh-So Clean and Delicious

Sunnyside is home to my favoritest greasy spoon in the world, the New Post. When I moved to Sunnyside back in 2000, it was the first place I frequented. Cheap eggs, French toast, pancakes, sausage (American and Irish), bacon (American and Irish), and cheese (American and the rest) were the draw, and it was an [...]

Hey, Nice Transport

Hey, now. This is a perfectly acceptable thing that the Mets have done. No, not the winning streaks at home followed immediately by losing streaks on the road. I’m talking about the boat ride to New Shea! It leaves from Pier 11 (Wall Street) before every Mets game about an hour and a half before [...]

I Got My Eyes Dilated

I hate it when my contact lens order gets rejected by my optometrist because the prescription is more than a year old. I know my eyes well enough to know that everything is in working order, dammit. So it was that time of year again, and because the first eye doctor I went to in [...]

Photos of the Best Borough on Earth

I’ve added a link. Typical Boring Queens features photos of our typical, boring borough, which is only the best borough in the world. Anyway, the photographer is a bald feller. Enjoy!

That’s a Spicy Cluster Bomb!

At the most kickass Thai restaurant in New York (in Queens, of course), when a whitey like me asks for “spicy,” the waiters shake their heads knowingly, and say, “For you, medium.” The medium will raise your eyebrows and keep your mouth searching for water or something without heat to dull the tingle. Even our [...]