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Let Lawrence Vote

I’m not going to pretend that voter ID laws are anything other than an attempt to suppress the vote and steal the election. But there’s an argument I never hear voting rights advocates make when they debate the voter-suppressing Dickheads. Lawrence is one of our local neighborhood panhandlers. I occasionally give him the loose change [...]

Scheepers Creepers; or Tommy Haas Will Cut You

This weekend (Saturday), the missus and I did our annual trip to the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens for the US Open. A friend even joined us this year. I suspect that he’ll want to join us again. He was very enthusiastic about the experience. Tennis fans tend to be pretty preppy, [...]

East River Ferry: In Theory, a Good Idea

There’s just no damn good way for me to get from Queens to Brooklyn, home of my place of employment (sometimes known as a “job”). So I received news of the East River Ferry with some excitement. The ferry landing in DUMBO isn’t terribly far from my office, and traveling on the East River is [...]

Sunnyside Has a Ton of Old Queens

I spent a chunk of time this morning at Starbucks, using the reliable internet connection, while the missus sat around and waited for Time Warner to come fix ours. The window they gave us was a very convenient “any time between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.” That’s longer than my workday, Dickheads. Anyway, the missus [...]

Salt & Fat Will Give Me Gout & Death

Sunnyside has a new delicious restaurant option. Salt & Fat opened yesterday, and for what was certainly the first time in my life, I went (with the missus, of course) to an official opening night at a new restaurant. But just to back up a moment… I’ve spent years (or at least two posts here [...]

Call It “Bouncing Back”

Last weekend, the missus and I and a few friends took a trip out to Flushing. Some of you may remember our last trip to Flushing, which gave us a deliciously and authentically Chinese food experience. This time, we weren’t going for Chinese. It was Indian. A little place called Southern Spice. We questioned our [...]

Apparently, We Got Some Snow

Yes, I know I haven’t written much lately, B&E readers. But I still think about you a lot. And I hope we can still be friends. Hey, did you hear that New York City got some snow? After the missus and my experience as refugees in Scotland, I joked that Scotland could really use a [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – One Flight, Five Airports

Even though Edinburgh airport was closed for the day of our flight, we went for it, hoping against hope that we’d make it back to New York. And goddammit, if arrangements weren’t being made. Continental bussed everyone on our flight from the Edinburgh airport to the Glasgow airport, which was running without delays. Like all [...]

The International Jersey Express

I feel like I’m required to comment on the news that the 7 train might be extended to Secaucus, New Jersey. Part of me is like “whatever.” So people who live in Hoboken and Secaucus can zip into Times Square in a few short minutes. Good for them. They won’t be riding out to Sunnyside [...]

I Was Voter #11

Around 6:45 a.m. I dropped in to the local polling station to vote. Oh, it’s going to be a shitstorm here in New York City, B&E readers. I like going early to vote. There are fewer people, and if there are a few kinks in the process, it won’t affect my day too much. So, [...]