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A Bit About the Occupation

I’ve yet to go check out the people Occupying Wall Street. Truth be told, I don’t love crowds. Or people. For years, the political left (of which I’m a part, as my four readers (I’ve probably lost a couple due to recent inactivity) well know) has actually annoyed me quite a lot. The establishment party [...]

If I Had a Child, He or She Would Be Named Elizabeth Warren

I can’t express the admiration I have for the woman some call Professor Warren (as some sort of weird insult). If you want just one example of why, watch the clip in this link, a video that’s really made the rounds today. She takes apart the “class warfare” thing way better than anyone else I’ve [...]

I Still Hate Cell, Even the Smart, Phones

I don’t know if this is my first comment on the 2012 presidential election, but I’m sure it won’t be my last, especially since we still have another 14 months of crazy bullshit to wade through before we fucking vote. Man, I’m grumpy today. Anyway, “Catcher’s” Mitt Romney tried out a new soundbite yesterday when [...]

Yeah, I Like a Good Investment in Infrastructure

I’ve written in the past about how I think infrastructure is sexy. As a fan of the New Deal, I love the idea of the government investing in public works and public goods and public arts. This, apparently, makes me a Socialist. A few years ago, I’d have probably just been called a Democrat. Because [...]

Just Who Do We Think We Are?

No one outside of New York gives a shit about New York. I don’t care what we do or don’t do, interest in New York (especially New York City) is confined solely to political convenience. See “9/11″ and “Ground Zero Mosque” for reference. So no, I don’t think that same-sex marriage passing in New York [...]

An Idea for Dickish Performance Art

As you no doubt know by now, New York passed the same-sex marriage law. For us observers who simply went to our jobs all week with awareness of this bill sort of hovering in the backgrounds of our minds, it felt like a long wait. I thought for a while that they were trying to [...]

A New Weiner Prediction

I swear I’d started writing this before Titivil beat me to it. A few days ago I predicted that Anthony Weiner will still become mayor eventually. I don’t necessarily walk away from that prediction. But I have a new thought about his immediate future: Anthony Weiner will become a pundit. And I think that, despite [...]

My Weiner Prediction

Like everyone, I’ve probably seen more than enough of Anthony Weiner’s pectoral muscles, not to mention his bulging boxer briefs. While Republicans crow that he’s finished and Democrats fecklessly struggle over how best to respond, with most political insiders (whoever they fuck they are) saying that Weiner won’t recover, I have my own prediction: Anthony [...]

Two Sports at Once

When you get photos of politicians participating in any sort of sporting activity, the results are usually quite embarrassing. Exceptions are the oft-mentioned George W. Bush first-pitch strike and the Barack Obama three-pointer during his campaign for President. But they are oft-mentioned because usually it’s more like Barack Obama’s experience bowling in Pennsylvania. Not good. [...]

My Budget Proposal

No, I didn’t watch the President’s budget proposal today. I have a job. But the Republican party has already won this argument, because the whole thing is being discussed on their terms. The deficit is the single biggest threat to our democracy. Really? Right now? The deficit is more important than job creation? So I’m [...]