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Bottle It Up and Be “Happy”!

Please allow me to draw your attention to Barbara Ehrenreich’s fine essay, which is extracted from her book that lays into “positive thinking.” Barbara relays her specific experience going through breast cancer treatment and how much the culture of positive thinking (i.e. “cancer is a blessing!”) surrounded every step along the way. What she really [...]

This is Front Page?

I don’t read the New York Post, but I do occasionally enjoy its headlines. There have been a couple of real doozies over the years. Ones I particularly like include “Ku Klux Kloser” (about John Rocker’s anti-7-train comments a few years ago) and “Red Prez Brezh Dead” (when, obviously, Leonid Brezhnev died). This morning I [...]


Don’t worry, B&E; readers. I’m not about to write about abortion, not that I feel the need to avoid the subject or anything. But no, I’m talking about the concept of choice. Twice in the past few days I’ve heard clips of President Obama speaking, and on two separate subjects he talked about how something [...]

Where’d All the Hotties Come From?

Yesterday, the AC at my office blew out, so today I worked from home. The AC was fixed by 9:30 AM. I didn’t see that coming. But because I was working from home, I did what people who work from home are rumored to do: I worked from Starbucks for a little while. Yes, Sunnyside [...]

It’s So Obvious!

Look, Jillian, I totally know why you’ve chosen Ed. It’s so obvious. After all, he rejected you not once but twice! And how often do you get to choose the guy who doesn’t even like you. First, you give Ed a rose, which he accepts before leaving the show for his job (i.e. “You’ll always [...]

Whew. I’m Now Combobulated.

My radio silence over the past few days can be explained by two simple words: Family Reunion! Wisconsin never had a chance… Unfortunately, my camera died while the missus and I were in Scotland (I used my mother-in-law’s camera for most of the trip), so I don’t have documentation of any of the activities. But [...]

Forty Years

It was 40 years ago that people first walked on the moon. Yes, I remember it well… My mother was pregnant with my older sister, and it was a world of infinite possibility.

Yuck. Oh, and Yuck.

Hey, B&E; readers! You know what’s disconcerting? I’ll tell you what’s disconcerting. Having someone else’s shower come up through your bathroom drain: that’s what’s disconcerting. And when someone else’s shower is coming up through your bathroom drain, and suddenly you hear a neighbor flush, causing your toilet to start regurgitating: well, that’s really disconcerting. I [...]

I Got My Eyes Checked Today

Spring is in the air, B&E; readers. It is May, after all. A few weeks ago I got that note on the Brooklyn Bridge (you better believe that I revisit that experience any time my ego needs a boost and tell every single person I’ve ever met), and I think my eye doctor was flirting [...]

My Morning Boehner

Ever since John Boehner was elected House Republican Leader in 2006, I’ve been having a good adolescent chuckle at his name. A couple of examples from other B&E; entries: John “Crap, I’m Losing My” BoehnerJohn “Lobbyist-Paid Travel Gives Me A” Boehner Heh. I’m twelve. The Perfesser (if that is indeed his name) responded once with [...]