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My Brain is Counterclockwise

The other day, a colleague made a forward-moving gesture to complement what she was saying about the year progressing. Even though her hand moved from left-to-right (that’s the direction in which we read, B&E readers), every fiber in my being felt like she was moving backwards with her gesture. Then I realized that I visualize [...]


By now you’ve probably heard that Steve Jobs’ final words were, “OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW,” according to his sister in the eulogy she gave at his memorial. (You can read the eulogy in the NYTimes, if you have access beyond their firewall.) So was Steve Jobs making a stunning transition to the afterlife? [...]


Every so often, I come upon something that’s just jaw-droppingly good. Sometimes these discoveries make me feel like an asshole. In my late-twenties, I moved to Queens. Although the missus doesn’t believe me (mostly because she saw the state of it when we were first together), I would occasionally clean my apartment. To get the [...]

Chipotle Is the New Dunkin’ Donuts

Because I know a little bit about how polling works (I read FiveThirtyEight, too, B&E readers), I’m going to take my two-hour hangout at a Chipotle in Manhattan last night as indicative of national trends. Cops eat more calories in burritos than donuts. Controversial? Maybe. But until Nate Silver proves me wrong, I’m running with [...]

My Teeth, an Interlude

Before I get back to the photo show of My Summer Vacation, I’m going to tell you about my teeth. This morning I went to the dentist. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen a dentist that I don’t even know how long it’s been. So I was a bit nervous as the day [...]

I Will Miss Helen Thomas

Okay, so I’m about to wade into some dangerous waters here, especially since I’m not exactly an expert on Israeli/Palestinian issues, but hey, maybe my six readers will go easy on me. Helen Thomas said a terrible thing. Telling the Israelis to get the hell out of Palestine is, no other way to describe it, [...]

That’s a Strike Against the United Kingdom

Look, I root for a team represented by a gentleman with a giant baseball for a head, so I’m no stranger to fucked up mascots. But the London Olympic Committee have really outdone themselves. Behold! Wenlock and Mandeville! Lord Sebastian Coe, former Olympian and Chairman of the London organising committee, sure does get the best [...]

Nashville What?

My sister and her friends have been wondering why none of their family or out-of-town friends have been calling to check up on them. After all, they’re in a major city that finds itself under water. We’re talking about massive amounts of damage. Many homes have been destroyed throughout the city. Many of the archives [...]

Soak It In, B&E Readers

Just Another Reason to Hate the Phone

That’s right, B&E; readers. This is another complaint about cell phones. Recently the smart phones have been advertising the ability to talk on the phone while simultaneously allowing the caller to surf the net or perform other smart phone functions. Boy, that’s just great. I love it when the people I talk to on the [...]