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Digital Detox – Round 1

Blogging about a digital detox is so very meta. My mind is blown. Evening was a breeze. Got home, made a nice big salad with the missus. We had just enough time to do some dishes and make some funny faces at each other before going to bed. Morning was confusing. Routine upended. Woke up [...]

Digital Detox

So Adbusters has declared this to be Digital Detox Week. No media for a week. I’m doing it. Granted, it’s a slightly modified version. I will be fully connected at work, and I’d be kidding myself if I think I won’t be browsing news sites and blogs, checking email, etc. Plus, I’m getting a slightly [...]


So Governor Paterson, annoyed that New York has somehow become less gay than other states, has announced legislation to legalize gay marriage. At the announcement, Paterson was joined by a coalition of New Yorkers who support the measure, including Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who was once a Democrat, became a Republican to run for mayor, became [...]

Pitchers and Catchers Tomorrow!

Oh, it’s almost time for spring training, B&E; readers/baseball fans! And there’s been a lot of baseball news of late, if you consider drug use “baseball news.” Performance-enhancing drugs keep making headlines. A-Rod admitted using them back when he was young and stupid, like only 26, but you know, it was all just the culture [...]

The Secret’s Out

Yesterday, NY1 did a little story about how the happiest borough is Queens. I hope this doesn’t mean all those miserable bastards in Manhattan and Brooklyn don’t start moving here. So why are we so happy? Cultural diversity, ethnic food, friendly neighbors, safety, and quality of life. Or, as we like to say around these [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Hillside Honda

OK, so in all fairness to Hillside Honda, I can’t actually remember if this is their commercial or not, but I think it is. That I’ve seen the ad just about every morning for the past six months and can’t remember for certain might be a problem in and of itself. Anyway… A young man [...]

Bad Advertising on NY1 – Binder & Binder

I’m not going to get into the details of the poor production quality, shitty graphics, and weak voice over in the low-tech spot for law firm Binder & Binder on NY1. Those issues come with the territory in local advertising. And in some ways, it’s an effective ad. It even uses a personal story to [...]

The Nostalgia Train

Chalk this one up under “Another Reason New York City Totally Rules”… The missus and I attended brunch yesterday at a trendy location on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a borough some people think is great. As we were transferring from our local #7 train to the downtown B/D/F/V options, the Nostalgia Train pulled [...]

Bloomberg Gets Extended Term Limits, No News on Lips

The City Council cleared Bloomberg to run for a third term, even though I seem to remember NYC voting twice to limit terms in office to two. I don’t have strong feelings about term limits, but I’m pretty sure I voted against them. If my representative is doing a good job, I don’t have a [...]

I’m So Proud of You

In McCain’s continuous defense of his choice of running mate, he constantly says that he’s proud of her. His spokespeople are feeling the pride as well. NY1 is off the air in my home, so I’m watching the Today Show on NBC. Man, these national morning news programs are terrible. But they do get the [...]