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I Will Miss Helen Thomas

Okay, so I’m about to wade into some dangerous waters here, especially since I’m not exactly an expert on Israeli/Palestinian issues, but hey, maybe my six readers will go easy on me. Helen Thomas said a terrible thing. Telling the Israelis to get the hell out of Palestine is, no other way to describe it, [...]

The New Yorker vs. The Nation

After years of subscribing to the New Yorker and only reading the cartoons, I realized that I was not getting my money’s worth. So I gave it up. Even though I recognize its clear quality. With The Nation magazine, I was certainly getting my money’s worth (I read the thing cover-to-cover every week), but then [...]

Nashville Flooding, a Timeline

The Tennessean has put together an informative multimedia timeline of the flood. Check it out.

Nashville What?

My sister and her friends have been wondering why none of their family or out-of-town friends have been calling to check up on them. After all, they’re in a major city that finds itself under water. We’re talking about massive amounts of damage. Many homes have been destroyed throughout the city. Many of the archives [...]

Oh, You’re SOOOOOOOO Persecuted

Some of you may have heard that the whole sexual abuse scandal has reared its ugly head again for the Catholic Church. It turns out that the current Pope himself, back when he was just a measly cardinal, mishandled a specific case including one priest who abused more than 200 deaf children. “Protect the church [...]

We’re a Nation of Snow Pussies

I’ve been a little under the weather this week (See how I took the snow theme and turned it? That’s just the sort of quality writing you’ve come to expect here at B&E;!), so I’ve been working from home. This morning I woke up feeling a bit better, but because last night the local news [...]

Things are Fishy on Staten Island

And I don’t just mean the stench of the Fresh Kills Landfill! Today is Groundhog Day (insert movie reference here). I watched the live coverage of Staten Island Chuck on NY1 this morning. Long-time B&E; readers may remember previous mentions of Staten Island Chuck. He’s New York’s answer to Punxsutawney Phil, the notorious weather-predicting groundhog [...]

Okay, I’ll Bite

Part of me wants to let it go, but apparently I can’t resist… Mark McGwire admitted steroid use. And man, former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer earned the shit out of his crisis management fee. Yes, it was a good strategy well-executed by all parties involved, even tears and (perhaps) genuine emotion from McGwire himself, [...]

Signs of Life at the FCC?

During the Bush administration (and let’s face it: during the Clinton administration too), the Federal Communications Commission never found a merger it didn’t like. It also seemed to deregulate just about everything having to do with anything and gave media, phone, and internet companies carte blanche to fuck consumers by any means necessary. In theory [...]

Ignorance Really Is Bliss

Oh, B&E; readers, I love you. But alas, for the time being, I’ve got limited access to the World Wide Web of information superhighways. This means fewer regular updates, I’m afraid. There’s a byproduct of limiting one’s online access (as well as one’s access to television, radio, and other media), and it is this: happiness. [...]