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Sweet Russ “Oh, So” Feingold

You may have thought that since his re-election loss in 2010 I’d forgotten about my old boyfriend, Russ “Damn, You’re” Feingold, but you would be incorrect. His recent appearance on Democracy Now reminded me why he’s one of my favorite people in the world — critical of Obama policies while simultaneously offering full-throated defense of [...]

A Bit About the Occupation

I’ve yet to go check out the people Occupying Wall Street. Truth be told, I don’t love crowds. Or people. For years, the political left (of which I’m a part, as my four readers (I’ve probably lost a couple due to recent inactivity) well know) has actually annoyed me quite a lot. The establishment party [...]

I Know My Bald Heads

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Rupert Murdoch got a shaving cream pie in the face today while giving his testimony at the inquiry looking into News Corp.’s propensity for phone hacking. This is the image I first saw of the incident… For a screen grab, it’s got some pretty good drama in it. [...]

A New Weiner Prediction

I swear I’d started writing this before Titivil beat me to it. A few days ago I predicted that Anthony Weiner will still become mayor eventually. I don’t necessarily walk away from that prediction. But I have a new thought about his immediate future: Anthony Weiner will become a pundit. And I think that, despite [...]

No, It’s Not That Simple

I tend to avoid reading the conservative columnists in the New York Times. Am I close-minded? Perhaps. Do I just want to hear rationalization for what I already believe? Maybe. But as a morning-time NY1 watcher, I had my attention drawn to today’s Ross Douthat column during the In the Papers segment. The premise is [...]

The Problem as I See It

Sure, I’m a bit disappointed about the results of the election. But I’m also so underwhelmed by the Democratic Party, I’m neither surprised nor depressed about them. The biggest disappointment for me personally, of course, is the defeat of long-time B&E favorite Russell “Oh, So” Feingold, Senator of Wisconsin. A few weeks ago, the Nation [...]

I’m Not a Bigot, But…

I’m not going to weigh in on whether NPR should have fired Juan Williams or not, mostly because I don’t give a shit. There’s one particular quote from Juan’s appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” that’s getting pulled by various news sources (I pulled mine from the Huffington Post): I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a [...]

One Step Closer to Darth Vader

Maybe it’s that I’m getting older, but more and more I don’t feel right about celebrating someone’s ultimate demise. So as much as I may dislike Dick Cheney and everything he stands for, I won’t dance a jig when his ticker finally gives out. Or at least I won’t do it publicly on B&E. Still, [...]

My Summer Vacation – A Fairy Godmother?

So a few weeks ago, I wrote this little ditty about The Nation vs. the New Yorker. In it, I stated that I missed The Nation and would resubscribe when our budget allowed. Upon our return from the Pacific Northwest, the latest issue of The Nation magazine was just lying there in our pile of [...]

I’m Juvenile Enough Without Help

My mind often goes there. In fact, my mind probably lives there. And by “there,” of course, I mean those inappropriate places that minds sometimes go. On some occasions I lack a filter and blurt out over-the-line sort of comments. And some venues, such as the B&E web log, serve as a place where I [...]