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It’s a Good Venue

The missus and I have been trying to see a little more live music lately, as part of our mission to get more beauty in our lives. The recent shows we’ve seen have included the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Chris Thile & Michael Daves, Frightened Rabbit, and Teitur. None of the shows have been at all [...]

Storm King is Always a Good Idea, as are the Drops

The missus and I have been on a beauty kick of late. We’re just trying to make more of an effort to get some beauty in our lives. Since New York City isn’t exactly famous for its natural beauty, we’re looking for any type of beauty, really. Food can be beautiful, as can music and [...]

Holy Shit, Can Those Cats Play

The missus and I have been privy to a couple of really nice music shows in the past week. Obviously, I rather enjoyed the Carolina Chocolate Drops, as evidenced by the post immediately previous. Over the holiday weekend, we hung out with a couple we don’t know all that well at a mutual friend’s house [...]

More Carolina Chocolate Drops, Please

The Carolina Chocolate Drops totally kick ass. Don’t pass up an opportunity to see them live. The missus and I spent the holiday weekend in the lovely Berkshires in Massachusetts, and on the Saturday evening, we went to Mass MoCA (that’s “Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art”) for an evening of music. The opening act, The [...]

It Takes a Village of Bad PR

Perhaps you’ve heard about this fella Dave Carroll. Dave had a guitar destroyed by United Airlines once, and when they refused to reimburse him (on multiple occasions) for the instrument he relies on for his livelihood, he used his livelihood to fight back. He wrote a little ditty called “United Breaks Guitars” and posted the [...]

They Haven’t Classed Up the Joint Too Much

I took a solo trip to Bailout Ballpark on Saturday and had another lovely visit. There were some autism awareness activities going on, which were pretty sweet. About a half hour before game time, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame (not sure if you can really say he’s of Jekyll & Hyde fame) took the [...]

Digital Detox – Round 3 to… Hey! It’s Bela Fleck!

Rest of the evenings and mornings were totally fine without the TV and internet. Those guys are a bunch of jerks. But of course it’s Saturday, and I’m blogging, so I guess I just ended my Digital Detox, especially since a few minutes ago I tried in vain to find out when the Mets ticket [...]

I Can’t Even Bitch Right

It figures that when I rail against the Grammy Awards cool people like Robert Plant and Alison Krauss win big. Stupid Grammy Awards. Stupid me. Stupid.

Where’s the Good Music At?

The Grammy Awards are on television tonight. Is there a less relevant awards show on the planet? I mean, the Emmy Awards lose a lot of credibility for ignoring The Wire for five years, but at least some of the other winners and nominations are related to shows that are, well, good. Milli Vanilli won [...]

Oh, He’s the Boss Alright

The big sis took the missus and me to see Bruce Springsteen at Giants Stadium last Sunday night. I had it in my head to do a long review. There is way too much to say, so I’ll leave it at this: Bruce Springsteen kicks all kinds of ass in all sorts of directions. Seeing [...]