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Mr. Met’s Darth Vader Moment

Star Wars geeks will recall the moment in Empire Strikes Back when General Veers is about to receive his orders from Darth Vader. An egg-shaped womb is opening up, and Veers catches a glimpse of Vader’s disturbingly scarred head as the black helmet is put in place. My seven-year-old self was terrified and nauseated by [...]

A Case I Wish I’d Sat On

It was probably more than ten years ago that I served jury duty in Manhattan’s criminal courts. The case featured an alleged drug dealer and quantities of cocaine we weren’t able to hear about yet. I got as far as sitting in the jury box, answering the list of questions for the prosecution and defense [...]

I Always Liked That Rose of Sharon

Some of you have probably heard about these baby white tigers abandoned by their mother only to be adopted by a golden retriever. It’s a very popular story in the world of Yahoo! News today. Those of you who haven’t yet read the article can do so here, but the short of it is that [...]

She Must Have Seen August Rush

Generally speaking, I don’t have all that much interest in the celebrity gossip. Political gossip, on the other hand… Even so, I couldn’t help but notice that Robin Williams’ wife filed for divorce after 19 years of marriage. The missus made me sit through that August Rush movie this past weekend, and I suspect Robin’s [...]

Stupidy Stupid Stupidhead Stupidcock

Today Michael Eisner demonstrated his completely–completely–unbiased point-of-view on the Writer’s Guild strike: This is a stupid strike. It’s a waste of their time. [The studios] have nothing to give. They don’t know what to give. Well, look here Stupid Stupidhead. I think the writers want to get paid when their material appears online or on [...]

Striking Writers

As some of you may have heard (or will notice during your Daily Show reruns this evening), members of the Writer’s Guild went on strike today. I’m a writer (although I’m not a member of the Writer’s Guild), and I’m staunchly pro-union. So yes, I support the striking writers wholeheartedly. Go get what you deserve, [...]

It’s Bloody Brigadoon!

So the missus and I are flipping channels, enjoying the late evening Saturday television options (East Enders on WLIW is a particular joy). Channel 13 breaks out the classic films on Saturday nights, and tonight they hit us with Brigadoon. Oh, Brigadoon. Where have you been my entire marriage? The missus has the look of [...]

19th Century Love – A Short Break in the Action – Live Blog!

We have a commitment now and must leave our apartment. Seeing as we’ve yet to watch any of the several versions of Pride & Prejudice we’ve got in our home, I have a feeling this will continue. I’m pretty sure there’s a Sense & Sensibility lying around somewhere, too.

19th Century Love – Mansfield Park – Live Blog!

The missus claims that the best love scenes in this one are between the heroine and the scoundrel. Frances O’Connor as Fanny (which means vagina in British English and butt in American English) and some unrecognizable actor as the scoundrel. Fanny says yes to Scoundrel in this scene. Scoundrel can’t believe it! She’s saying yes! [...]

19th Century Love – Persuasion – Live Blog!

Amanda Root as Anne and Ciaran Hinds as Frederick Wentworth star in this little Jane Austen ditty. Ciaran teases poor Amanda. I have no idea what the hell is going on out of context. It sounds like Ciaran is using someone else’s story to demonstrate his love. The missus is now fast-forwarding. Apparently, the real [...]