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Moon Fight!

Between Obama’s reference to Sputnik in his State of the Union address, and Sarah Palin’s strange implication that the Soviets won the space race, I’ve been thinking about space and fights, and I’ve decided that Moon Fight would be the Best Movie Ever, and Hollywood should totally get on it, creating an alternative historical reality [...]


Apparently, Florida overturned a gay adoption ban today. So come on, Floridian B&E readers! Get out there and adopt your gay! Do I have any readers from Florida? Somehow I doubt it. But speaking of gay, a quick shill! I know one of the producers of this little ditty, which is being released this weekend [...]

Accents Have to Make Sense

I have a love/hate relationship with the TV show 24. I keep giving it another chance, and it keeps letting me down. But hey, this season’s in New York! So I’ve gotta see what that’s all about. But let me just say a word or two about accents as a dramatic choice. I’m sure most [...]

Now THAT is a Baseball Fan

As if I needed another reason to like Donald Sutherland (Keifer would be enough!), the Bats Blog on the New York Times website featured a story that gave me much pleasure. The blog post by Tyler Kepner is discussing how the Montreal Expos, which hasn’t been a team in Major League Baseball since 2004, is [...]

Someone Make the Movie

I’m not going to pretend that I understand what’s going on in Dubai in terms of debt and economic collapse, or what its relation is to the world’s economy. What I do know is that I’m picturing this Las Vegas of the Middle East, another strange desert creation out of nothing, as a ghost town. [...]

Vegas: A Shill

Those of you that don’t have jobs during the traditional workday hours (that would be approximately 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, B&E; readers, which is so well known that it was the entire basis for a movie, a song, and now a musical!) should check out Vegas: Based on a True Story at the Tribeca [...]

Digital Detox – Round 3 to… Hey! It’s Bela Fleck!

Rest of the evenings and mornings were totally fine without the TV and internet. Those guys are a bunch of jerks. But of course it’s Saturday, and I’m blogging, so I guess I just ended my Digital Detox, especially since a few minutes ago I tried in vain to find out when the Mets ticket [...]

Good Night, Horton

A fond farewell goes to Horton Foote, who died yesterday at 92. Playwright and screenwriter, the man expressed with a simple elegance. He won two well-deserved screenwriting Oscars. The first was for his adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird. And as great as that film turned out, it’s the spare yet powerful emotion built into [...]

I Am Not a Number! I Am a FREE MAN!

I never read comic books, never did any gaming, and was never obsessed with the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. So when I need to remind myself that I am deep down a total geek, I reach toward the complete collection of The Prisoner on DVD, which yes, I own. Oh, it’s geeky. And it’s tasty. [...]

A Day for Thanks

Ah, Thanksgiving… After less than twenty minutes of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the missus and I opted to get the hell out of the apartment and go see the morning screening of Quantum of Solace. We chose it over Four Christmases mostly because we felt that James Bond really deserves to be seen on [...]