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So That Didn’t Happen

Long-time readers may remember that a friend’s mom predicted the end of the world in April 2009. All that work on the underground bunker, all the prayers getting ready for the Rapture, all that time I spent skipping my 2008 taxes… wasted. Totally wasted. My friend’s mom better have a good goddamn reason for being [...]

I Feel Terrible For You. Terrible.

The venerable New York Times has a story today that’s got my boxer-briefs in a twist. It’s about how bonus cuts hurt those beyond Wall Street. I was naively expecting to read a little something about how, perhaps, nonprofit organizations, particularly in places like New York City, will see their individual giving reduced by enormous [...]

Dude, We Can Totally Go to Iceland!

When I make this whole financial crisis about me (because, after all, what is a blog if not a vehicle for narcissism), I see some silver linings. The missus and I rent, we have debt, and we have no savings or retirement plans or anything. We do have good jobs with relative job security. Based [...]

Naomi Klein Is Smarter Than You (and Me)

With the collapse of our economy over these past few weeks, I’ve been meaning to give another shout-out to my journalist crush Naomi Klein. She knows things and explains them well, and she’s been making the circuit on the talk shows, from schooling idiots on Fox News to having fun with Stephen Colbert. For the [...]

Another Reason I Wish I Was an Economist

Here in New York we’re waking up to worldwide market crashing. So if we assume that… – the missus and I have no investments,- we don’t own our own home, or any homes at all, – we both have gainful employment… Does any of this affect us at all? And who’s the bald lunatic screaming [...]