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A Bit About the Occupation

I’ve yet to go check out the people Occupying Wall Street. Truth be told, I don’t love crowds. Or people. For years, the political left (of which I’m a part, as my four readers (I’ve probably lost a couple due to recent inactivity) well know) has actually annoyed me quite a lot. The establishment party [...]

Class War? Blow It Out Your Ass, Whore!

I just want to state for the record (if I haven’t already) that when Republicans use the phrase “class war,” I get deeply annoyed. You see, if a Democrat (or other non-partisan) suggests that there’s deep income inequality in our country, that there are perhaps policy changes that could help those less well off, specifically [...]

My Budget Proposal

No, I didn’t watch the President’s budget proposal today. I have a job. But the Republican party has already won this argument, because the whole thing is being discussed on their terms. The deficit is the single biggest threat to our democracy. Really? Right now? The deficit is more important than job creation? So I’m [...]

What Matters Is $5, Apparently

I’m not a big fan of the big banking industry. I mean, really. Fuck those guys. And the ads for banks that are all soft and lovely, pretending to be about something bigger than just money, are disingenuous and hypocritical, and again, I say fuck those guys. JP Morgan Chase is one of my least [...]

Cliff Lee’s Money

There were a couple of articles in the New York Times discussing Cliff Lee’s tax rate. One appeared before his decision, talking about how the lower taxes in Texas gave the Rangers an advantage over the Yankees with New York’s higher tax rate. Then there was this one, after he made the surprise decision to [...]

The Problem as I See It

Sure, I’m a bit disappointed about the results of the election. But I’m also so underwhelmed by the Democratic Party, I’m neither surprised nor depressed about them. The biggest disappointment for me personally, of course, is the defeat of long-time B&E favorite Russell “Oh, So” Feingold, Senator of Wisconsin. A few weeks ago, the Nation [...]

Don’t Fuck With Robin Hood, Sheriff of Bankerham

Yesterday, a friend in the UK posted a link to her Facebook page for a project she’s involved with: The Robin Hood Tax. Go check it out. There’s a nice little video featuring Bill Nighy as a douchey banker trying to explain why this tax is a bad idea. (It’s not a bad idea, by [...]

Steal This New Year’s Resolution

Hey, B&E; readers! Do you remember how at the end of the aughts (aka the Jack Bauer years, aka the 9/11 years, aka the fuck-the-public years, aka etc.) the United States government totally gave like billions of dollars to the very institutions that caused the financial crisis and then those institutions went right back to [...]

An Appropriate 10th Anniversary Celebration?

Well, the Huffington Post reminded me that today is the 10th anniversary of the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act. You see, during the Great Depression, the government decided it would be a good idea to separate the commercial banks from the riskier investment banks. It protected consumers. Gosh, those New Dealers were so cute in their [...]

Oh, My Aching Back

I’ve largely stayed clear of commenting on the current health care debate for a couple of reasons: 1) The bill changes too rapidly to keep up, and I would go crazy tracking the details; 2) I’m a believer in a single-payer system, which has never been taken seriously as a solution by our corporate-owned political [...]