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Some Self-flagellating Thoughts

I know. I’ve been remiss. Lax. Not writing. Well, the truth is I am writing. In fact, I’m writing a lot. All day most days. I guess that’s the perils of having a “creative” job. I put creative in quotes because I’m still rather judgmental about marketing and communications. I’ve been known to say that [...]

East River Ferry: In Theory, a Good Idea

There’s just no damn good way for me to get from Queens to Brooklyn, home of my place of employment (sometimes known as a “job”). So I received news of the East River Ferry with some excitement. The ferry landing in DUMBO isn’t terribly far from my office, and traveling on the East River is [...]

Kansas Leads the Way Again!

Kansas has become the first state in the union to eliminate its funding for the arts. Thank you, Governor Sam Brownback, for this Dickhead move. I expect nothing less of you. I’m a product of Kansas’s public arts programming. I don’t know if those programs actually received funding from the Kansas Arts Council, but the [...]


Every so often, I come upon something that’s just jaw-droppingly good. Sometimes these discoveries make me feel like an asshole. In my late-twenties, I moved to Queens. Although the missus doesn’t believe me (mostly because she saw the state of it when we were first together), I would occasionally clean my apartment. To get the [...]

Apparently, We Got Some Snow

Yes, I know I haven’t written much lately, B&E readers. But I still think about you a lot. And I hope we can still be friends. Hey, did you hear that New York City got some snow? After the missus and my experience as refugees in Scotland, I joked that Scotland could really use a [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – One Flight, Five Airports

Even though Edinburgh airport was closed for the day of our flight, we went for it, hoping against hope that we’d make it back to New York. And goddammit, if arrangements weren’t being made. Continental bussed everyone on our flight from the Edinburgh airport to the Glasgow airport, which was running without delays. Like all [...]

My Thanksgiving Vacation – Show Penis or Get Groped?

The missus and I went to Scotland for a wedding on the Isle of Mull over the Thanksgiving break. In the days leading up to our trip, getting through airport security was on my mind a lot. New York had instituted the new body scanners, and the choices were thus: appear essentially naked to a [...]

Sponsorship Message

The recent B&E hiatus was initially brought to you by Scotland, but is now being underwritten by the flu. I hope to be back here with you soon. Your ticket price may buy you the whole seat, but you’ll only need… THE EDGE!

What’s a Fan To Do?

I’ve taken in the past couple of days of Mets games. Yesterday, I was watching live, as the Mets were officially (i.e. mathematically) eliminated from playoff contention, as if any of us really needed math to tell us their season was over. Today, it’s on the TV in the background as I fold laundry, drink [...]

Don’t Touch the Bats!

Apologies, dear B&E readers, for such a long absence. I’ve been working on this rather time-consuming writing project, and then I spent a few days out of town. I can’t promise that the near future will be any better than the past few weeks since the writing project continues. And yes, there’s been Glenn Beck [...]