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Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

The Mets showed some promise early on this season, and then had the meltdown everyone expected. August was pretty rough. The good news is that I spent August out of the country. Still, even with the (expected) disappointment, the Mets had three pretty significant highlights: Johan Santana had the first no-hitter in Mets history. David [...]

I Totally Stalked Gary Carter

Legendary Mets catcher Gary Carter finally succumbed to brain cancer this week. Gary was, of course, a member of the legendary ’86 Mets, and as I’ve explained before, that was actually a heartbreak season for me, because the Mets beat my beloved Astros in the playoffs before going on to beat the Red Sox in [...]

My Brain is Counterclockwise

The other day, a colleague made a forward-moving gesture to complement what she was saying about the year progressing. Even though her hand moved from left-to-right (that’s the direction in which we read, B&E readers), every fiber in my being felt like she was moving backwards with her gesture. Then I realized that I visualize [...]

Christmastime MCI to LGA

Someone suggested that perhaps I rename the blog Bald & Sporadic. Since I like B&E as an abbreviation, Bald & Elusive may work better. We’re Christmas celebrators in our family, so Merry Christmas to the B&E readers who also celebrate Jesus/Santa-style. To those who don’t do the Christmas, I offer a general Happy Holidays. And [...]

What Happens if Mitt Blows It, Too?

We are seeing some serious self-destruction in this Republican primary. To be fair, this isn’t true so much from those candidates that can’t seem to get anything real going from the start. (I’m looking at your utter lack of charisma, Pawlenty; your employment by the Obama administration, Huntsman; your insider has-been status, Gingrich; your lovemaking [...]

It Might Be Called Nesting

I’m tired of apologizing to you people! All five of you! I know, I know, I’m not writing much recently. This latest break was more than two weeks, which is frankly difficult even to get my own head around. So what have I been doing? Honestly, not much of anything that I usually consider productive. [...]

A Bit About the Occupation

I’ve yet to go check out the people Occupying Wall Street. Truth be told, I don’t love crowds. Or people. For years, the political left (of which I’m a part, as my four readers (I’ve probably lost a couple due to recent inactivity) well know) has actually annoyed me quite a lot. The establishment party [...]

Movin’ On Up

I’ve lived in my current apartment since May of 2000. That means I’ve lived here longer than any other home in my life. It’s been a good apartment. Which is a surprise, considering that I had no idea how long I’d stay here. I only saw two or three apartments when I decided to move [...]

My 9/11

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of what has come to be generally known as 9/11 (have you heard??), and I still don’t know what I’ll do, if anything, to mark the occasion. Everywhere you turn in New York City, remembrances are taking place. Some of them may even be quite good. I don’t know. I [...]

I Know My Bald Heads

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Rupert Murdoch got a shaving cream pie in the face today while giving his testimony at the inquiry looking into News Corp.’s propensity for phone hacking. This is the image I first saw of the incident… For a screen grab, it’s got some pretty good drama in it. [...]