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That’s a Strike Against the United Kingdom

Look, I root for a team represented by a gentleman with a giant baseball for a head, so I’m no stranger to fucked up mascots. But the London Olympic Committee have really outdone themselves. Behold! Wenlock and Mandeville! Lord Sebastian Coe, former Olympian and Chairman of the London organising committee, sure does get the best [...]

Required Posting

In the last couple of days I was really hoping to write a little bit about Xe, the mercenary army formerly known as Blackwater. That’s pronounced “zee.” They retooled their website, and amazingly enough, the “history” section says nothing about the founder or the former name. Yea, rebranding! But Xe’s already getting its own bad [...]

“Stimulus Package” Has a Better Ring

Whenever it was that the Obama administration got the stimulus package passed with support from three Republican Senators and zero House Republicans, he sent out an email thanking his massive list for its support and announcing What struck me about this email back then (even if I’m just getting to writing about it now) [...]

Paramilitary Aggression, Rebranded

If your company produces a crappy operating system that the public largely rejects, you can either fix the operating system, which is really hard, or you can create a marketing campaign to convince people that there is no problem with the operating system. This is hard, too, but perhaps not as hard as making a [...]