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Dude, Those Lutherans Are Crazy

At this point, I don’t particularly feel the need to pile onto Michelle Bachmann. My seven readers (maybe down to six, now that I’m writing less) probably already have strong opinions on her, mostly negative ones, I assume. Still… I was raised Lutheran. Non-Lutherans probably don’t realize that there is no one Lutheran Church. Lutherans [...]

What Can I Say About Assisi?

The missus was raised to be a good Catholic girl. So naturally, Assisi was on the itinerary. The drive through Tuscany and into Umbria was just stunning. Seriously, though, folks, the drive was mostly beautiful, with a few pockets of industrialism mixed in for good measure. The old city of Assisi is built on a [...]

I Got My Eyes Dilated

I hate it when my contact lens order gets rejected by my optometrist because the prescription is more than a year old. I know my eyes well enough to know that everything is in working order, dammit. So it was that time of year again, and because the first eye doctor I went to in [...]

Yes, Luther, This Is Most Certainly True

Anyone raised Lutheran is familiar with Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. At one point, I had the whole thing memorized. It goes over many topics and offers explanations and clarity around the various religious concepts that make Lutherans Lutheran. Luther’s Small Catechism is particularly interested in laying out clear and concise ways that the head of [...]

Kansas Is Wacky

The Kansas Legislature is debating a possible death penalty repeal. In recent years, Kansas has not been famous for its progressiveness, even though it’s the historical birthplace of Progressivism. My family moved to Kansas when I was nine years old. At the time, the Kansas governor was John Carlin, a Democrat (and Lutheran! my dad [...]

Pat and The Scotsman

Pat Robertson has once again done something offensive. I know! I KNOW! Shocking! In reference to gay marriage, he said that from here it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and indoor-plumbiphilia. Equating the LGBTQCI (and any other letters that may or may not encompass what has generally been known [...]

Dude, We Can Totally Go to Iceland!

When I make this whole financial crisis about me (because, after all, what is a blog if not a vehicle for narcissism), I see some silver linings. The missus and I rent, we have debt, and we have no savings or retirement plans or anything. We do have good jobs with relative job security. Based [...]