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Sweet Russ “Oh, So” Feingold

You may have thought that since his re-election loss in 2010 I’d forgotten about my old boyfriend, Russ “Damn, You’re” Feingold, but you would be incorrect. His recent appearance on Democracy Now reminded me why he’s one of my favorite people in the world — critical of Obama policies while simultaneously offering full-throated defense of [...]

Oh, It’s Beard Madness Alright!

It’s been a real beardy time. I got a bit lazy with my own shaving until this past Sunday and had inadvertently grown a damn near full beard. Totally unintentional. It just happened. The New York Yankees have long had a curious facial hair rule. Mustaches are fine. Beards are out. So it’s fine if [...]

Bearded Goodness

It’s been a while since I’ve focused on beards, but a strange confluence of activities requires that I address the topic once again. First, a colleague decided that I would enjoy the continuum of beards, from friendly to evil, which I blogged about some time ago. She was right. I still enjoy it. It’s a [...]

It’s Fucking Voting Day

Don’t forget to fucking vote today. And if you’re not sure where to fucking vote, you can find out at Your Fucking Polling Place. Profane and useful! My fucking favorite!

My Neighborhood, Looking Fine

Because I’m not updating this with any frequency this month, please allow me to point you in the direction of this lovely time-lapse video on the Sunnyside Post. That’s my neighborhood getting a fine sunset treatment. I love Queens. I love Sunnyside. I love New York. Even though, at this very moment, I’m grumpy as [...]

New Link

If you like music, beauty, therapy, and other tremendousness, you should check out a new link on the right: the blog for A Sound Space. It also happens to be my sixth anniversary with the writer, who some may know as “the missus.” Happy anniversary, my love.

The New Yorker vs. The Nation

After years of subscribing to the New Yorker and only reading the cartoons, I realized that I was not getting my money’s worth. So I gave it up. Even though I recognize its clear quality. With The Nation magazine, I was certainly getting my money’s worth (I read the thing cover-to-cover every week), but then [...]

Not Just a Smartass

Perhaps you’re already a follower, but a couple of days ago, the genius behind the Twitter feed BPGlobalPR sent out a press release. A serious one. Turns out he (or she, I suppose, although the signature on the release includes “aka a guy in his boxer shorts”) is not just a smartass. The whole thing [...]

Nashville Flooding, a Timeline

The Tennessean has put together an informative multimedia timeline of the flood. Check it out.

Photos of the Best Borough on Earth

I’ve added a link. Typical Boring Queens features photos of our typical, boring borough, which is only the best borough in the world. Anyway, the photographer is a bald feller. Enjoy!