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Whew. I’m Now Combobulated.

My radio silence over the past few days can be explained by two simple words: Family Reunion! Wisconsin never had a chance… Unfortunately, my camera died while the missus and I were in Scotland (I used my mother-in-law’s camera for most of the trip), so I don’t have documentation of any of the activities. But [...]

Some Might Call It “Working”

On the occasions that I’ve found myself seeking employment, my college-educated, bourgeois* self gravitates to white-collar jobs that require writing in some form. Copywriting is close enough for my job needs, and I almost always settle for that. In their job listings, these positions usually call for a willingness to work under deadlines, the ability [...]


So Barack Obama announced his running mate Joe “Bubba” Biden (Obama said that’s what people called him as a kid, so I assume it’s an accepted nickname). Biden gave a speech, which wasn’t bad at all, but I particularly noticed that he used the word literally a lot. Things are literally worse than they were [...]

There Is No Streak

New York’s abuzz with Mets/Yankees games. In their previous meeting this season, the Mets took two from the Yanks at Yankee Stadium and had one rain-out. The rain-out was made up yesterday afternoon, and with the drubbing of nine RBI from aging slugger and occasional fan scapegoat Carlos Delgado, the Mets swept the Yankees at [...]

Dude, You Went to Yale

Some of you may remember the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, a man by the name of John Kerry. His campaign was forgetful, so if that doesn’t ring any bells, just hang in there. The rest of this posting will make sense anyway. I’m still on John Kerry’s email list. His emails tend to be [...]