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Um… Um… Oops.

No, I didn’t watch the latest in seemingly thousands of Republican primary debates. I have, however, watched the clip of Rick Perry blanking on the third agency he’d cut from his government. Political media (especially on the left, which is the media I tend to consume) has declared it to be a devastating moment for [...]

A New Adjective

I’ve got a cousin in the Bay Area that I see once every five years or so, usually at a wedding or a funeral. Apparently, years ago, I told him that the Razor scooters were really getting big in New York. A few months later, they were populating the Bay Area as well. The same [...]

Writers Always Have the Keen Eye

Although our President was careful not to say, “Mission accomplished” or any other such nonsense with regard to the end of combat in Iraq, he did still say, “the end of combat in Iraq,” which is a bit problematic. After all, we do still have soldiers there, and they are still getting shot at and [...]

Dude. Watch Your Choice of Words.

Tiger Woods is back and he gave a press conference and blah blah blah blah. I have to admit that one little soundbite caught my attention. Referring to the support he’s gotten from his fellow golfers at the Master’s, he said, “The encouragement I got, it blew me away.” Even more so than the oral [...]

By Ironic You Mean…

I can’t say I’m all that surprised to hear that Governor-for-a-Short-Time Palin used to head across the border to Canada to get her grubby paws on some free health care. She said in the interview, “I think now, isn’t that ironic?” Um, no. It’s not ironic. It’s outrageous, perhaps. Hypocritical, obviously. Exploitative, certainly. But nothing [...]

Let’s Not Overstate the Case

Like most Americans, particularly the non-communist ones, I watched the Super Bowl last night. I’ve fallen out of love with football (of the American sort) in recent years. Mostly, I just don’t want to spend that much time watching sports. And as my six readers well know, I’m a baseball man. Still, I have to [...]

Putting the Dick in Dicktionary

Pretty much everyone has, at one time or another, enjoyed the pastime of looking up dirty words in the dictionary. One of my favorite discoveries in the 2nd grade (word was getting around the whole school, I’m pretty sure) was that the definition for fart in the library’s dictionary read, “An explosion between the legs.” [...]

Accents Have to Make Sense

I have a love/hate relationship with the TV show 24. I keep giving it another chance, and it keeps letting me down. But hey, this season’s in New York! So I’ve gotta see what that’s all about. But let me just say a word or two about accents as a dramatic choice. I’m sure most [...]

If I Can Read It, Why Can’t I Hear It?

I’ve got the venerable NY1 on again this morning, and one of the segments was sponsored by Puppetry of the Penis. The screen was yellow with giant black letters spelling out the name of the show, and as the announcer said the name of the show, penis was bleeped out. Do they not want blind [...]

Hey, I’ve Missed That Guy

Like most people on the left-leaning side of the world, I’ve got mixed reviews of the still relatively new president thus far. Many things I like; many things I wish he’d do differently. One of the things I wish he’d do differently is go back to that powerful speechifying of the campaign. It’d be nice [...]