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My Winter Vacation – Kansas!

Yes, B&E; readers, it’s vacation time. My mother has a wireless internet connection she’s got absolutely no use for, but it’s always there when the kids come for a visit. It was a mere 22-hour drive from Queens to Topeka, but it was easy because we did it over 11 days, figuring that two hours [...]

It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister!

As coincidence would have it, The Wizard of Oz was on the boob tube in our home last night. Actually, there’s no coincidence in that last statement. The coincidence is that twenty years ago today, my high school was hit by a tornado, and that TBS is coincidentally playing The Wizard of Oz to unwittingly [...]

Democratic Convention Watch 2008 – Kathleen Sebelius

The Kansas Governor is speaking. I don’t know that much about her, although I try to pay a little bit of attention, since I grew up in the Sunflower State and all. I like what I know about her. But her response to the State of the Union address earlier this year was totally lackluster. [...]

Some 1st-Grade Teachers Shouldn’t Pack Heat

Beginning this fall, teachers in one Texas school district can bring guns to school. I was a student in the Texas public school system for three-and-a-half years, and I think I’d have trusted only one of my teachers to keep a gun in the classroom. She was my kindergarten teacher, and she was the one [...]

I Always Liked That Rose of Sharon

Some of you have probably heard about these baby white tigers abandoned by their mother only to be adopted by a golden retriever. It’s a very popular story in the world of Yahoo! News today. Those of you who haven’t yet read the article can do so here, but the short of it is that [...]

Time to Break Out the Fear

This morning I was doing my regular trolling of the news over coffee when I caught this headline: Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter US My immediate response was, “Of course Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff is saying that. There’s an election coming up.” Then I was like, “Oh, come on, Baldy, it’s too early in [...]

My Adopted College Team

Because I went to… well, let’s face it… a gay school, I’ve always been a Kansas University Jayhawks fan in college sports. So a special shout-out this morning to KU, which took violent abolitionists, turned them into a fictional bird, and won the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1988. Seriously, it was a [...]


Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, B&E; readers. Don’t let your excitement over the Giants’ Super Bowl victory and subsequent Super Tuesday ticker-tape parade cause you to forget to participate in our democracy. I love voting, and if I’ve explained why before you’ll have to forgive me. Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I went to vote in [...]

Lessons from Kansas – Soul Touching

Some of the heated rhetoric over the missing Kansas National Guardsmen and their equipment has cooled, and President Bush made a visit with Governor Sebelius to Greensburg, Kansas yesterday. And only five days after the tornado struck. Hey, everyone! This tornado is not Katrina! Greensburg is not New Orleans! Those poor (mostly) white people are [...]

Lessons from Kansas – Emergencies

I’m in Kansas to celebrate Ma’s latest marriage (congratulations, Ma!), and have gotten my ass reminded about severe weather patterns. Greensburg was a town in Kansas last week, but a “wedge” tornado leveled it a couple days ago. Greensburg is a couple hundred miles from my hometown of Topeka. In Topeka, the day my sister [...]