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Mayor, Just Hug a Hoodie

It was a big news week, and I let a lot of things fly by again. Because that seems to be what I do well here on B&E lately: Let others do the commentary on events. Just over a year ago, I wrote a “Fuck You — For the Cure” post about Susan G. Komen [...]

Christmastime MCI to LGA

Someone suggested that perhaps I rename the blog Bald & Sporadic. Since I like B&E as an abbreviation, Bald & Elusive may work better. We’re Christmas celebrators in our family, so Merry Christmas to the B&E readers who also celebrate Jesus/Santa-style. To those who don’t do the Christmas, I offer a general Happy Holidays. And [...]

Kansas Leads the Way Again!

Kansas has become the first state in the union to eliminate its funding for the arts. Thank you, Governor Sam Brownback, for this Dickhead move. I expect nothing less of you. I’m a product of Kansas’s public arts programming. I don’t know if those programs actually received funding from the Kansas Arts Council, but the [...]

Trapped in a Land Called Nostalgia

Last weekend was my high school reunion. A little personal history… I was not what most people would consider a loser or a geek or whatever in high school. I was a bit of an oddball, for sure. There were plenty of people who didn’t know what to do with me, whether because I had [...]

Our Meat Comes From What?!

I’m a real fan of food. Like most progressive, professional, city-dwelling omnivores, I have a pretty good awareness of the food industrial complex, and I therefore attempt to avoid being a part of it, to varying degrees of success. I’ve read Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I have not seen Food, Inc. but [...]

Kansas Is Wacky

The Kansas Legislature is debating a possible death penalty repeal. In recent years, Kansas has not been famous for its progressiveness, even though it’s the historical birthplace of Progressivism. My family moved to Kansas when I was nine years old. At the time, the Kansas governor was John Carlin, a Democrat (and Lutheran! my dad [...]

Hope! From Kansas!

During a visit to Kansas two years ago, the town of Greensburg was completely destroyed by a “wedge” tornado. I was writing about how the governor at the time, Kathleen Sebelius, sent a strongly-worded letter to the Pentagon about getting some of those National Guard troops out of Iraq and back in our nation to [...]

Tap That

Every time, President Obama selects someone to join his cabinet, the headlines announce that Obama’s tapped that person. At some point, a young rapscallion in the newsroom should tell the editor-in-charge-of-headlines that there’s an alternative meaning to “tap” that makes immature jackasses such as myself giggle. Jackass 1: Obama totally tapped Sebelius. Jackass 2: Dude, [...]

Broke States

California is about to layoff 20,000 state employees, facing a $4 billion shortfall. Kansas is delaying mailing tax refund checks and may not be able to make payroll this week. My Kansas friends’ Facebook statuses have been almost all something along the lines of “[name] hopes to receive a paycheck on Friday.” My mom gets [...]

Lessons from Kansas – Cuteness Always Wins

Long-time B&E; readers already know how much I love a good hedgehog story. Well, here’s another. A sixth-grader in Lawrence, Kansas, really wanted a pet hedgehog. His mom said she’d love to give him one, if only it wasn’t illegal. If it weren’t for that damned threat of foot and mouth disease she’d totally get [...]