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Man, But I Do Love a Knuckleball

A five-foot, hundred fifteen pound 16-year-old pitcher has become the first woman drafted to play professional baseball in Japan with men. Eri Yoshida’s secret? A wicked, side-arm knuckleball. More pitchers should throw a knuckleball. It keeps catchers on their toes, it goes wherever it wants to, and when it fails to flail, it gets hit [...]

Dude, We Can Totally Go to Iceland!

When I make this whole financial crisis about me (because, after all, what is a blog if not a vehicle for narcissism), I see some silver linings. The missus and I rent, we have debt, and we have no savings or retirement plans or anything. We do have good jobs with relative job security. Based [...]

Yeah, So I Watched the Debate

I have one little question. Both of these fellas want Georgia to be in NATO. (I’m assuming they meant the country, not the state within the U.S.) If Georgia had been in NATO a couple months ago, wouldn’t we be at war with Russia right now? I’m still voting for “that one.”

Bruce LeeRoy vs. Chow Yun Fatchmo!

Once upon a time, in South Africa, Chinese immigrants were known as Chinese immigrants. Then, with the establishment of apartheid in the 1940s, the Afrikaner government classified the Chinese as “colored.” In the 1970s, Taiwan established economic ties to South Africa, and Taiwanese immigrants were “honorary whites.” Because no one could tell the difference between [...]