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Call It “Bouncing Back”

Last weekend, the missus and I and a few friends took a trip out to Flushing. Some of you may remember our last trip to Flushing, which gave us a deliciously and authentically Chinese food experience. This time, we weren’t going for Chinese. It was Indian. A little place called Southern Spice. We questioned our [...]

Dude! Egypt!

In high school, people would sometimes throw these massive parties in empty fields outside of town. “Where’s the party?” “Out in bum-fuck Egypt.” This was the extent of my knowledge about Egypt for years. It’s a long ways away. And perhaps gay? Cut to the present, and I’ve got a good friend who lives in [...]

No, It’s Not That Simple

I tend to avoid reading the conservative columnists in the New York Times. Am I close-minded? Perhaps. Do I just want to hear rationalization for what I already believe? Maybe. But as a morning-time NY1 watcher, I had my attention drawn to today’s Ross Douthat column during the In the Papers segment. The premise is [...]

British Gardens Are 73% Cuter

Fighting off the critters can be the most frustrating part of gardening. I don’t know this from experience because I’ve never done any serious gardening. But I know a fella who’s been doing some rooftop gardening in Brooklyn, and he’s always trying to fight off the pigeons and squirrels. And my sister had a garden [...]

That’s a Strike Against the United Kingdom

Look, I root for a team represented by a gentleman with a giant baseball for a head, so I’m no stranger to fucked up mascots. But the London Olympic Committee have really outdone themselves. Behold! Wenlock and Mandeville! Lord Sebastian Coe, former Olympian and Chairman of the London organising committee, sure does get the best [...]

They All Lost, Especially Scotland

Naturally, the missus and I have been following the British election results as closely as we can, with as much understanding as we can, which in my case isn’t much. From what I can gather… All three major parties (the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats) lost. The minor parties lost too, although they weren’t expected to [...]

Lady? Check. Baseball? Check. Knuckler?! Check!

What’s not to like about this little tidbit, B&E; readers? First of all, it’s about a woman. I like women. Secondly, it’s about baseball. Gosh, I do like baseball. Thirdly, it’s about a knuckleball pitcher. I do love a good knuckleball. When you roll those things into one, you get Eri Yoshida, an 18-year-old knuckleballer [...]

I Love This Place

A couple of years ago, I got a second-hand story in which a Thai man said that the restaurant SriPraPhai had “the best Thai food outside of Thailand.” That, B&E; readers, is a freakin’ endorsement. SriPraPhai is truly outstanding, especially if authenticity is what you’re looking for in your Thai food experience. It’s not so [...]

Things Are Different in Europe, But…

People are complex and multidimensional. Relationships between complex, multidimensional individuals can be messy. And there are certain cultural mores in Europe that seem surprising to our Puritanical American sensibility (some of you may remember Francois Mitterand’s wife and mistress mourning together over his grave in France). Still, even with all of these things in mind, [...]

Obama on Gaza?

Anyone else out there wanting to hear from the President-elect on this one? I know we’ve only got one president at a time, the economy continues to tank, the first daughters are about to start at a new school, and blah, blah, blah, blah, but um… Israel has invaded Gaza. I’d like to know what [...]