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Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik

I don’t think I’ve really explained the past month or so on B&E. The short of it is that the missus and I spent a month with her family, mostly in Scotland, with a week in France as well. Because I have a great job, great colleagues, and a great supervisor, I was able to [...]

The Steamy Blue

Remember when our stock market crashed back in 2008 (as opposed to the way it’s crashing right now)? Well, perhaps you also remember, that crash actually caused the financial collapse of the Icelandic republic. So now, if you fly to Europe via Icelandair, they quite helpfully (to you and to them) give you a “free [...]

Icelandic Slut Walk

We had one day in Reykjavik, and we picked a good one: Slut Walk! If you don’t know about the Slut Walks, you can read more about how they all started here, but the short of it is that a policeman, during a lecture to college students in Toronto, told them that women should avoid [...]

I Guess If It’s the Only Way…

Some of you may have heard that here in the United States of America we just elected our first African-American president. His name is Barack Obama. So once President Obama’s term is up after four or eight years, will we go right back to white men? How about a woman? Maybe an Asian or Latino? [...]