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Good Message; Too Bad About the Messenger

At my job, we do work with nonprofits. So we keep our eye on things related to nonprofit awareness, fundraising, advocacy, etc. So someone came across the pictured ad for Dutch Cordaid: People in Need. Pretty effective, no? Instead of buying that extra pair of sunglasses you want but don’t need, why not donate much [...]

Client 9

As the whole world knows now, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer got himself caught shipping a hooker from New York to DC last month. Whoops. The much-heralded former Attorney General was elected about a year ago with a mandate to “clean up Albany.” Unfortunately, Eliot interpreted “cleaning up Albany” as “fucking whores.” Eliot is a [...]

Hey, God! It’s Me! Jerry!

I can’t think of anyone God would be less happy to see than Jerry Falwell.

The Passion For The Blood

On my way to work the other day, I passed a bus that was still promoting the Christmas-appropriate movie, The Nativity Story. Naturally, this got me thinking about Christians. Through letter-writing campaigns, right-wing media mouthpieces, and the like, Christians put a lot of pressure on liberal Hollywood to make more entertainments that are “family friendly” [...]

No Longer Gay!

He may have been busted doing meth and getting massages from gay prostitutes, but after a stint in gay rehab (gayhab?), Ted Haggart is no longer gay. No longer will Ted Haggart fantasize about freebasing crank out of broken light bulbs while getting rubdowns from nubile men. No more will Ted Haggart think about meth-fueled [...]

The Joke’s On Us

Mega-church pastor Ted Haggard has allegedly been paying a man to have sex with him monthly for almost three years. During the trysts, he’s also apparently been snorting crank to heighten the experience. So, you see, when “I Like My Men In A” Teddy Haggard preaches hate toward the queers, he’s really just being satirical, [...]


The Mets win, and as exciting as it is that they’ve bounced back to force a game 7, I’m having a hard time handling the stress. I’ve become a heroin addict. The New York Times ran an article yesterday I really wanted to comment upon. It was about how Dick Cheney feels the love when [...]

Meat & Potatoes

meat and potatoes Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Meat is good. Potatoes are good. But if they’re all you eat, they’ll kill you. Rick Santorum might want to keep this in mind as he runs for re-election to the Senate. In an article in the The New York Times, Tricky Rick is quoted twice comparing himself [...]

Worst Christians Ever

commandments Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Right-wingers love to put up the Ten Commandments anywhere that’s public. I sometimes wonder how many of them have them up in their homes. Is that something you can get a warrant to find out? Well, I’ll grab any chance to highlight hypocrisy in these terrible Christians, and here are [...]

Shame On… Representative Berman

berman Originally uploaded by dangunderman. So there was all this financial disclosure by the US Congress today. Our country is run by a group of rich pricks. Shocking. One of the choicest cuts of financial reporting meat comes out of the House Ethics Committee. They took nearly $1 million in privately-sponsored travel. And Democrats on [...]