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Christmastime MCI to LGA

Someone suggested that perhaps I rename the blog Bald & Sporadic. Since I like B&E as an abbreviation, Bald & Elusive may work better. We’re Christmas celebrators in our family, so Merry Christmas to the B&E readers who also celebrate Jesus/Santa-style. To those who don’t do the Christmas, I offer a general Happy Holidays. And [...]

Weapons Grade Chicken

Yeah, I totally at a lot over Thanksgiving. What of it? The missus and I spent the holiday in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re both good eaters. So in addition to the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving itself, we went on the hunt for some good regional cuisine. Because we’re Yankees, we didn’t even really know what [...]

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik

I don’t think I’ve really explained the past month or so on B&E. The short of it is that the missus and I spent a month with her family, mostly in Scotland, with a week in France as well. Because I have a great job, great colleagues, and a great supervisor, I was able to [...]

The Steamy Blue

Remember when our stock market crashed back in 2008 (as opposed to the way it’s crashing right now)? Well, perhaps you also remember, that crash actually caused the financial collapse of the Icelandic republic. So now, if you fly to Europe via Icelandair, they quite helpfully (to you and to them) give you a “free [...]

I Don’t Live Here

It’s appealing, though, isn’t it?

Icelandic Slut Walk

We had one day in Reykjavik, and we picked a good one: Slut Walk! If you don’t know about the Slut Walks, you can read more about how they all started here, but the short of it is that a policeman, during a lecture to college students in Toronto, told them that women should avoid [...]

One Day in Paris

Two consecutive overnight flights do not make for an ideal day in Paris. With only about three hours of plane sleep over 48 some-odd hours, the missus and I were pretty pissy in the City of Lights. Especially since we couldn’t check into our hotel until 2:00 p.m., a solid seven hours after arriving. Plus, [...]

What Can I Say About Assisi?

The missus was raised to be a good Catholic girl. So naturally, Assisi was on the itinerary. The drive through Tuscany and into Umbria was just stunning. Seriously, though, folks, the drive was mostly beautiful, with a few pockets of industrialism mixed in for good measure. The old city of Assisi is built on a [...]

Non Basta Pasta!

Yes, I give in to peer pressure. If you comment and demand more B&E in your life, I will succumb to your whim. So did I mention that we made pasta? You may have gathered as much based on the olive oil post, assuming you read it. It was fun. And it was part of [...]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Everything

Boy, the Italians sure do love their olive oil. Especially their extra virgin olive oil. The agritourismo where we stayed was home to one of Tuscany’s oldest olive groves. In the 80s, a massive frost killed off many of Italy’s olive groves. Not this one: To continue to produce fruit, olive trees need pruning every [...]