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Dude. Watch Your Choice of Words.

Tiger Woods is back and he gave a press conference and blah blah blah blah. I have to admit that one little soundbite caught my attention. Referring to the support he’s gotten from his fellow golfers at the Master’s, he said, “The encouragement I got, it blew me away.” Even more so than the oral [...]

Tiger’s Leaked Statement!

Well, B&E; readers, if you’re anything like me, you’re pretty excited for Tiger Woods’ first public statement later today. Have I got a treat for you! It’s a leaked version of his statement! Who leaked it? I leaked it! How did I get my hands on it? It was never in my hands! It went [...]

It’s Like a Made-for-TV Movie

I tell you what: New York Magazine puts together one helluva yarn. Some of you may recall that back in 2004, John Kerry ran for president. It was a terrible campaign. Just terrible. The campaign did exactly two things right, in my opinion: 1) they chose an unknown state senator Barack Obama to be the [...]

It Was Over Before Screech Could Yell, “Moo Goo Gai Pan.”

As Curt (Bald Bro), if that is indeed his name, points out in the comments of a previous posting, you really do need to have a sense of humor if you’re going to pay attention to the New York Senate these days. Over the holiday weekend, Governor Paterson called for special sessions, so that the [...]

Re: Governor Mark Sanford

At least now we know why the good governor felt he didn’t need any stimulus money. Zang! Zzp-POW! Wocka-wocka-wocka! Ah, nuts. I’m telling this joke about 36 hours too late.

Hate It, Hate It, Don’t Care… LOVE IT!

So the liberal masses are angry at Barack Obama because he chose a gay-bashing bigot to give the invocation at his inauguration. Meanwhile, the bigoted masses are angry at Rick Warren because he’s agreed to do the invocation at the inauguration of an infanticidal queer lover. Everyone in the middle couldn’t care less. Who, then, [...]

That’s a Lot of Stains

Earlier this week, a retired Cardinal (and I don’t mean the St. Louis Cardinals) declared that Madonna (the pop idol, not the Mother of God) is lustful and offensive to God. That this retired Cardinal said these things during a service memorializing the second anniversary of the death of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet proves [...]

Saving Themselves for Marriage

I saw something about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon waiting to have sex until they were married, which, I don’t know, might explain why they didn’t wait to get married.

What’s the Matter With Florida?

I gotta tell ya, folks, there’s something strange about Florida. It’s already suspect because of the 2000 election, those weird expansion baseball teams that make it to the playoffs, and the curious retirement communities. Plus, you know… it’s my birth state. But in Florida’s 16th Congressional District, well, frankly, I’m beginning to think the water [...]

A Couple of Bald Updates

Well, my people sure know that I appreciate bald-related items. A colleague found this here button. I must say that it sure would be a better button if Mr. Bald felt a bit happier about being bald and for Obama. It would send a positive message to the kids, who are our future, provided we [...]