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That’s a Lot of Stains

Earlier this week, a retired Cardinal (and I don’t mean the St. Louis Cardinals) declared that Madonna (the pop idol, not the Mother of God) is lustful and offensive to God. That this retired Cardinal said these things during a service memorializing the second anniversary of the death of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet proves [...]

Who IS that German Woman?

This morning I had the ever-reliable NY1 News on the boob-tube while I got ready for work. At one point, I heard this sultry voice, like Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel. So I went out to investigate. Turns out, Pope Benedict sounds a lot like Marlene Dietrich. Now, it has been implied in the comments [...]

A Busy Birthday for Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict had an active birthday today on his first full day in the United States, meeting with President Bush, speaking his harshest words yet about the sex abuse among the priesthood (at least he’s addressing it early and often!), and then decrying secularism in our country as one of the root causes of the [...]

CNN: Bringing God and Dog Together Through Poopie

A most generous bald fella, knowing my fascination and love of all things God- and weenie-dog-related, was kind enough to send me this most fantastic news report from CNN. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Leavings is my new favorite word. [youtube=]

Hey, God! It’s Me! Jerry!

I can’t think of anyone God would be less happy to see than Jerry Falwell.

Happy Easter!

As you tuck into your leg of lamb this evening, I hope you’ll remember the true meaning of Easter. For when the angel rolled the stone away, and Jesus presented his resurrected self to those still mourning his death, his first words were, “I’ve been to hell and back, so give me some freakin’ chocolate.” [...]

The Passion For The Blood

On my way to work the other day, I passed a bus that was still promoting the Christmas-appropriate movie, The Nativity Story. Naturally, this got me thinking about Christians. Through letter-writing campaigns, right-wing media mouthpieces, and the like, Christians put a lot of pressure on liberal Hollywood to make more entertainments that are “family friendly” [...]

No Longer Gay!

He may have been busted doing meth and getting massages from gay prostitutes, but after a stint in gay rehab (gayhab?), Ted Haggart is no longer gay. No longer will Ted Haggart fantasize about freebasing crank out of broken light bulbs while getting rubdowns from nubile men. No more will Ted Haggart think about meth-fueled [...]

Considering with God to Consider Some More

Senator Sam Brownback, right-wing Republican from the great state of Kansas, made an announcement concerning a potential bid for the presidency. I do not, however, know what that announcement means exactly. In his prepared statement, Sam said this: “I have decided, after much prayerful consideration, to consider a bid for the Republican nomination for the [...]

The Joke’s On Us

Mega-church pastor Ted Haggard has allegedly been paying a man to have sex with him monthly for almost three years. During the trysts, he’s also apparently been snorting crank to heighten the experience. So, you see, when “I Like My Men In A” Teddy Haggard preaches hate toward the queers, he’s really just being satirical, [...]