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One More Thought About Last Night’s Genius

Apparently, Almost-Out-of-Office President Bush has chosen what he would like his legacy to be: George W. Bush was a president who made decisions, unlike all those other presidents. History term paper, here I come!

Goodbye, Genius

So our almost-gone president is giving his final address to the nation. Here are some thoughts, as he speaks… Here he is, getting a hand from some people who like him. Same smug smirk as always, hopefully for one of the last times. He’s got a thankful heart, so that’s nice. His right eye is [...]

Be! Aggressive! B-E- Aggressive!

Hey, remember George W. Bush? You may recall that he’s our president. He’s doesn’t seem to be up to much these days, or at least no one seems to care. If a president does his job and the media isn’t there to report it, can it be considered working? So no, I’m not writing about [...]

Nothing Pushes for Peace Like a Huge Dick

Lost in the Client 9 news of yesterday was the announcement of the pushiest push for pushy peace in the history of pushy peace pushes. What am I talking about? I’m not sure. But I do know that President George W. Bush has dispatched Dick Cheney to the Middle East to work out an Israeli-Palestinian [...]

Nice Goin’, Genius

President George W. Bush hates children. Our Man-In-Charge vetoed a health care bill that would cover about four million more poor Americans, mostly children. The empathy and loving kindness exuding from our executive branch is truly astounding. I live about four hours from D.C. and I can feel the love from here. In the article [...]

Nice Goin’, Genius

bush1 Originally uploaded by dangunderman. So our fair leader addressed the nation last night in an attempt to please everyone with regard to the immigration issue, and, as a result, pleased no one. It’s sort of the political equivalent of Lite FM. You play it in your retail establishment because it offends the fewest number [...]

Stay the Course

Dubya’s strategy for the war in Iraq has consistently been to stay the course. If yesterday’s speech is any indication, he’s giving the same directive to his communications team. Seriously, hasn’t he given that speech before?

Nice Goin’, Genius

defensivebush Originally uploaded by dangunderman. No, I did not watch the State of the Union Address last night, but naturally The New York Times features headlines this morning. One of them reads: “In Annual Address, Bush Warns About Dangers of Isolationism.” Dude, weren’t you the jackass that isolated us not only from our enemies but [...]

Nice Goin’, Genius

defensivebush Originally uploaded by dangunderman. Apparently, one of the reasons things were so screwed up with the hurricane relief effort is that the White House, i.e. Bushie, was finding it difficult to get complete information. The New York Times reports today that it was an aide who first informed our esteemed president about the throngs [...]

Nice Goin’, Genius

scratchybush Originally uploaded by dangunderman. My first job out of college was at this magazine publisher on Long Island, for which I had to reverse commute. The reverse commute was the least of the problems. The editor of the magazine was lovers with the publisher. The publisher was a 28-year-old Equity stage manager with absolutely [...]