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For Mustache & Type Nerds

My love of facial hair is no secret. Grow it where you have it, I say. Although I’m no expert, I also rather enjoy type. At my job we do what is sometimes referred to as “creative work.” You know, branding, design, writing, and the like. Accordingly, we dabble in the typefaces. I’m on the [...]

Won’t You Take Me To… SEPIATOWN??

Those of my six readers who also click on the links to the right (so, then, none of you) may be wondering why Virgil’s been so quiet these past couple of years. It turns out there’s a simple explanation for why he’s been denying so many of us bite-sized nibbles of his that nubile mind [...]


Happy National Punctuation Day, B&E; readers! (You even get an exclamation point for that one.) To honor this important day, and as long as we’re talking about exclamation points, I quote from the Eats, Shoots, and Leaves daily tear-off calendar. Believe it or not, there is someone at my office who’s even geekier than I [...]

I Am Not a Number! I Am a FREE MAN!

I never read comic books, never did any gaming, and was never obsessed with the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. So when I need to remind myself that I am deep down a total geek, I reach toward the complete collection of The Prisoner on DVD, which yes, I own. Oh, it’s geeky. And it’s tasty. [...]