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Out Crazying The Crazy

A while back, I’d wanted to draw my six readers’ attention to a creative counter protest in San Francisco in response to perennial protester Fred Phelps. But then time went by, and you know how these things work. But hey now! It’s relevant again! So here I go! For those who may not remember Fred [...]

Germans Aren’t Famous For Humor

At my job, as much as we work in electronic media, we still get the occasional call to print some shit on paper. And for those jobs, we hire printing vendors. Some might call them printers. Before we use a new printer, we like to check out their samples, you know, to make sure they [...]

Hey, Manhattan! Your St. Patrick’s Day Parade Can Suck It!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, which is a pretty big deal amongst the drinking set. No other holiday lives up to the stereotype quite like St. Patrick’s Day. Well done, Irish people. Most New Yorkers already know that the main St. Patrick’s Day parade – the one in Manhattan that goes right by St. Patrick’s [...]

Let’s Not Overstate the Case

Like most Americans, particularly the non-communist ones, I watched the Super Bowl last night. I’ve fallen out of love with football (of the American sort) in recent years. Mostly, I just don’t want to spend that much time watching sports. And as my six readers well know, I’m a baseball man. Still, I have to [...]

Off To a Great Start, Dickhead

Hey, remember Rick Santorum? Reach back into the bowels of your brain and you might find him lurking there. “Consensual sex between gay people should be illegal.” He’s that guy. Anyway, Rick’s trying to prove that he’s unpopular on a national level and not just in his home state of Pennsylvania. In other words, he’s [...]

Dickhead of the (Time Frame) – NY State Senate

I’ve always been proud to live in New York – the gayest city in the gayest state in the gayest country in the gayest world. OK, so maybe we’re second to Des Moines. Either way, like most left-leaning New Yorkers, I find today’s vote by the New York State Senate to deny marriage to same-sex [...]

Kohlschreiber’s Got a Bit of a Muffin Top

The missus and I made our annual trek out to the U.S. Open Tennis Extravaganza yesterday. As is our usual custom, we got out there early, and as soon as the gates open, we ran to the front row in the Grandstand. Or, rather, I should say that the missus ran to the front row [...]

It’s So Obvious!

Look, Jillian, I totally know why you’ve chosen Ed. It’s so obvious. After all, he rejected you not once but twice! And how often do you get to choose the guy who doesn’t even like you. First, you give Ed a rose, which he accepts before leaving the show for his job (i.e. “You’ll always [...]

We Poor, Oppressed White People

Because I’m a straight, white man, there are things I can say to my fellow straight, white men that, for example, a lesbian Latina can’t. From people outside my ethnic and sexual identity majority, it would be condescending and inappropriate. So please, allow me to speak frankly to the other straight, white men out there. [...]

Stay Classy, Staten Island

We had a bit of a work outing last night, taking in a game at the Ballpark at St. George on Staten Island. The Yankees’ independent single-A affiliate, cleverly called the Staten Island Yankees, play there. And I do love a minor league baseball game. Local news (NY1!) has occasional reports of the rising obesity [...]