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Hats Off to the GOP

Ah, yes, the Republican Party gave me the biggest genuine laugh of the day. I won’t link to their website because, really, fuck them. But the GOP is running a little Valentine’s Day promotion, in which you can send your friends Valentine’s Day e-cards that mock Democrats. Most of them are, as one would expect, [...]

Won’t You Take Me To… SEPIATOWN??

Those of my six readers who also click on the links to the right (so, then, none of you) may be wondering why Virgil’s been so quiet these past couple of years. It turns out there’s a simple explanation for why he’s been denying so many of us bite-sized nibbles of his that nubile mind [...]

Origami. The Answer Is Always Origami.

Trolling other people’s messaging boards is not usually something I do or recommend, but this conversation offers valuable information for us all to live by. I’ve edited the material down and, of course, removed the names to protect those unaware I was looking in. (Based on their experience, which you will read below, it would [...]

Election Dance 2008

A few years back, I had the privilege of participating in a variety show called “Dog & Pony.” I have only my baldness to credit. A friend I didn’t know all that well at the time was performing a sketch he wrote, and he needed a bald, roundish face and head to affix baby doll [...]